Friday, May 06, 2016


It's Friday night and I'm sipping whiskey, watching TV.  We (rather, she) just got done watching an old Adele concert on NBC.  I surfed the web and was struck by how sad her music is.  That, combined with impending mothers day made me feel a little down in the dumps.  But...It's over, so I'm better.

For my three loyal readers - We're back in the house.  Last night was the first night we spent in it.  The house burned down on 23 January 2015.  It's odd to be in here again...same floor plan, just a lot of new stuff.  Well...not a lot, but different stuff.

My uncle died a few weeks ago - The end of an era. The last of his and my mom's generation in the family.  I sure don't feel like the mature older generation.  Is it just me, or did our parents seem so much more sensible and mature than us?  I wonder if my kids think that of me.

Anyway...oh yeah.  I have another daughter.  Not a new daughter, but a found daughter.  She's 33 and I paid for a DNA test that verified paternity.  She's a sweetheart and we've hit it off nicely.  I'll be flying her out here in July or August or so for a visit.  So...Three wonderful children now.

That is all.  Carry on and live your life happily.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Three Word Wednesday

The rules, if you wanna call 'em that, are here.

Today's Words: Uncovored, Vacant, Abrupt

The cook uncovered the Dutch oven, poured in the blended tomatillo sauce, and re-covered it quickly.  The abrupt addition of salsa verde to a blistering-hot, glistening, thin layer of canola oil causes a steamy, spattering eruption of hot green lava, and a lot of pain if not done rapidly.  The thick little canoe-shaped boats of grilled cornmeal chalupas sat vacant, waiting for the concoction that would soon be puerco verde.