Monday, March 13, 2006

Red White and Blow Me (Did I say that out loud?)

Watching ABC news this morning. They were discussing the "plight" of a woman whose husband is in Iraq. She apparently has a “Support our Troops” sign in her front yard, which violates the rules of the homeowners association to which she belongs. Here’s a local Tampa story on it.

Anyway....Andrea Canning (ABC News) said that we should “support our troops no matter what” with a tone of disapproval for the homeowners association that was enforcing the rule against the sign.

No matter what? Using that mentality, I should be allowed to put star-spangled, “support our troops” tattoos on each of my ass cheeks and mow my lawn with just a t-shirt on. Or maybe they’d prefer I drive around the neighborhood once a day (late at night) playing a super-loud support our troops rap on my ghettolicious, thumping car stereo. Or maybe I’ll build a house in the shape and color of one of those way-overused ribbons.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with the sign, nor do I have a problem with the homeowner association rule. What I do have a problem with is someone that wants to be exempt from the rule because her husband is serving in the military.

If she wants the rule changed, she should be made to go through the same red tape as anyone would have to go through to get a bylaw changed.

Besides, a red, white and blue sign in a yard (or on your car) does not support anyone but the people making and selling the fucking things.

Instead of buying one of those lame-ass magnets or signs (Made in China), spend your $ on a donation to a rehabilitation center for vets, or some other non-profit veterans support group. Or start an organization on your own and do something that really supports our troops.

Here’s a link with a long list of organizations.


Memory Du Jour:
1979 (17yrs old)
Threatening to beat an off-duty DPS trooper (and neighbor) to death (in writing and in person) with a baseball bat for cussing out my Mom and making her cry.

Our property had filled with irrigation water faster than normal, and it flooded the dirt roads. Apparently this tweaked his simple little brain.

Note: A couple of years later, his wife committed suicide with his service revolver (.357) at the dinner table in front of him and their two daughters. Tells ya what kinda guy this was.

Quote of the Day:
"Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid." -- Anonymous


Webmiztris said...

great post - I think those magnets are ridiculously retarded too...

R. said...

Yes, great post indeed!!!

I agree with the stickers not supportng the tropps in a financially and all and if you give your money give it to something that really will make a difference. But, I tend to think many homeowner association members are a bunch of fucking Nazis and have severe God complexes. I have known people to have encountered these nazis.

Have a fabulous week.

I loved your description of your stereo, "ghettolicious stereo", that cracked me up.

rlb3773 said...

You go Carlos.

That is horrible about the lady commiting suicide in front of her kids. The husband....I am sure deserved to see what he had brought her to do. Alot of police officers are abusive.

jules said...

You always make me laugh Carlos. The image of you tattooing anything to your ass cheeks and mowing the lawn has tears running down my face. You WILL send me a pic, right?

Whistler71 said...

Ahhh Carlos you never cease to amaze! Where again do you hear about this stuff?

Karlos said...

Webmiz: It’s really, really hard for me not to take them when I’m walking through a parking log!

Nay: I’ve never had a problem with our homeowners association, but then I haven’t painted my house bright pink or the like. I like the way it keeps the riff raff from letting their property go to shit.

RLB: I felt sorry for the daughters. One of them lost a boyfriend to a three-wheeler accident within a couple of months (or less) of mom’s suicide. He was hauling ass on a three-wheeler across a field with three-foot-high grass. He didn’t see the 3.5’ tall brick wall.

Jules: Thanks! And yes, I’ll send you high-resolution pictures of my star spangled butt cheeks if it ever gets to that. :-)

Whistler: There’s so much stupid shit out there that it’s amazing I don’t do it more. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it doesn’t. :-)

R. said...

Cj, I lied the other day ago when I said on the Simpsons that a different show is on in the opening of the Simpsons, it is a different pic. and living room scene when they all land in there.
I've watched it the last few days on reruns. :) Sorry for being such a fucking liar.

StringMan said...

Did you really have to plant that image of you mowing your lawn with tatoos on your ass cheeks? Sheesh, Carlos, that freaky picture of the dog that you use is tough enough. Now this. Years of therapy have just gone down the drain ... thanks, man!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

"tattoos on each of my ass cheeks and mow my lawn with just a t-shirt on." LMAO. Super good post CJ.
Fucker made your momma cry, you did the right thing.
Quote of the day is my life story...

Karlos said...

Nay: You know you have automatic amnesty for shit like this :-)

Stringman: LOL. Sorry man!

Y: Glad you liked the post!

Whistler71 said...

CJ you been busy??

Karlos said...

I'm always busy baby! Too busy sometimes.

Actually, it's a combination of being busy and not having much worth a shit to say.

I'm going to pour myself a glass of rum and see if I can get my two brain cells rubbing together.

BTW, love the new pic in your profile.