Saturday, November 05, 2005


Spring cleaning in October? Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?

The Warden took The Girl to basketball practice this morning, leaving me with instructions: “Don’t bother cleaning anything more than the kitchen, because I’ll end up having to come back and do it over.” Sometimes incompetence is nice! They say ignorance is bliss. I say incompetence is bliss when it comes to cleaning house!


So anyway…there I was, giving the kitchen the once-over when I decided to put on some tunes. I pulled up a playlist of various stuff on my computer (My musical tastes are vast, by the way). I start a-playing, and get back to work. Then a song came on that took me back a year or two: Jimi Hendrix: “Let me Stand Next to Your Fire.”

It seems that back in, oh, 1981 or so I attended a gathering (i.e. Big Fucking Party) at someone’s house. There were quite a few people, beer, herb, and a few other recreational mind-altering substances. That night I opted for a hallucinogen. A few hours into the trip a bunch of jock fucks from high school stopped by the party, surely realizing that their lives were pretty damned dull. We were in the front yard when they arrived and piled out of their cars. To our amazement, a couple of girls were with them (Wow, maybe they weren’t homos after all). One of the girls, who will remain nameless, ran up to me in what I thought was mock glee to see me. She jumped up in my arms and planted a big ol’ kiss square on my pie hole. After some time I found myself in one of the jock fucks' cars with that girl. I remember thinking in my psychedelic haze, What the fuck am I doing with these dorks? Then Mr. Happy (aka my wiener) reminded me. Thank you Mr. Happy! We ended up back at the girl’s house drinking beer. If you’ve ever hung around a bunch of drunks when you’re under the influence of a hallucinogen, you’ll know that it’s quite bizarre. Everyone moves and talks in slow motion and generally looks retarded.

What was the point of this post again? Oh yeah. So the jocks and their girl-jocks disappear to various rooms in the house and this girl and I get to dancing a little Mambo on the living room floor – Horizontal, that is. Then “Let me Stand Next to Your Fire" came on.

Wow. In my altered state, that song had a profound significance considering what Mr. Wiener and I were up to at the moment. And so that memory is forever carved into the two brain cells I have left…I never think of it until that damned song comes on.

So I dutifully continued my chores, listening to a few other songs, none of which elicited much from my two brain cells.


Name that Tune (And no Googling!):
(Chorus omitted cuz that’d make it too easy)
The chills that you
Spill up my back
Keep me filled with
Satisfaction when we're done
Satisfaction of what's to come
Your groove I do deeply dig
No walls only the bridge
My supperdish, my succotash wish
(Sing it baby)
("He" changed to "She" so James doesn’t think I’m gay)
I've been told she can't be sold
She's not vicious or malicious
Just de-lovely and delicious


Guest Quote of the Day:
If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
Steven Wright


james is lost said...

the song is "Grove is in the hart",some time in the 90s but I don't know who sang it.

Hey I remember partys like that, I think I do?

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I do the same thing to Matt "Don't touch it, I'll do it later, you'll just make a bigger mess."
I think I like the Warden. We used to go to jock parties on purpose when we were tripping, you couldn't buy entertainment that good. You banged a jock chick while tripping, to funny.
James the retro radio man, lol.

jules said...

My brain still holds "Stairway to Heaven" for much the same reasons. (Except I was banging the jock, not the jock chick)

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

LOL. You go Jules! I was hoping to bang Robert Plant when I heard that song.

R. said...

Hey Cj, was James correct withthe title of the song? and who would the band be? You really should follow up on something you started instead of leaving your readers hanging out looking day after day to find out the answer :)

I have to admit if it was 90's I wasn't a huge fan of much new music. I'm still stuck listening to sounds of the 60's and 70's and my Nephew N has turned me on to some of the hard core stuff like Marlyn Manson which I really do like his music after he tricked me and didn't tell me who it was cause I hated him prior, just because of his freakiness. Shame on me I'm usually not a judgemental person. It's appearent that I'm laying in bed today and am bored so I'm leaving these huge ass comments on your blog when I should be reading "Code of the Streets" and a bunch of other shit. God am I chatty today. :)

Karlos said...

Oops...I forgot all about the question!

James was correct. The name of the group was Dee-Lite. The song was BIG in 1987 or 1988. The chick (Lady Kier) wasn’t the best looking, but there was something very sensual about her. Maybe it was the funky dancing she did in the music video. Then again, maybe it was the latex body suit and the fuck-me-pumps!

R. said...

"maybe it was the latex body suit and the fuck-me-pumps!"

I bet that is what it was!!! :) Some men are suckers for the fuck-me-pumps. I know my ex was and then he started wearing his own, YUCK. ;)

Karlos said...

Oh shit that's funny! I forgot about that little fetish of his!!!!