Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fraidy Cat, Fraidy Cat!

Have you ever heard a song and been frightened enough by it to run away? Me either.

Bob The Cat, pictured here in a striking killer panther pose, gets pretty freaked out by a particular song. I noticed it one day when painting in the house. I put on one of my “greatest hits” CDs and hit play. The first song on the CD was a song called “Beating Around the Bush” by AC/DC (Highway to Hell, 1979).

As soon as the short intro started, Bob looked all around (quickly), like some invisible, cat-eating, guitar-playing monster was coming for him. When the song got rockin’, Bob the Cat hauled ass. He still runs today (I test him regularly to see if he’s “cured”).

He ain't as bad ass as he thinks he is!

It’s the funniest thing. Here’s a way-too-short sample of the song. It kicks ass. Brian Johnson can’t touch Bon Scott.


Memory Du Jour:
Southern California, 1969

I was seven. My younger sister, E, was five. My older sister, D, was seventeen. We were walking from the beach to the local Safeway store. We were barefoot. As we walked across the blacktop parking lot, someone spied a king-sized dog turd basking in the sun, right there on the asphalt. My sister D gave warning to my sister E about the poo, to which E replied with a "duh" tone of voice, “I see it.”

And so we went into the store and bought whatever we’d gone there to buy. On the way out, D didn’t sound any warning about any giant dog logs. As fate would have it, Little Miss Duh stepped square in the middle of that giant, fecal version of a Havana cigar.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen someone ski barefoot on a quarter-pound doggie Snickers. Oh, it was priceless. I still remember the arms helicoptering as E tried to catch her balance. After the laughter subsided we mocked poor E as only siblings can: “I see it. Ha ha ha!”

Since we’re on the subject of turds, I thought I’d help you all get started early on your Christmas shopping by suggesting this gift for the artistic people in your lives.

Quote of the Day:
"If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." --Brooke Shields

Graphic Du Jour:


jules said...

Maybe that's my cat's problem, music? Wait, I didn't have any on when he was acting like a maniac.
LOVED the cartoon.

Webmiztris said...

omg, Bob is GORGEOUS! I love pure black cats!

funny poop story too. hey, they have a Love Turd Twister on that site - did you see that one? now I know what to give my hubby for Valentine's Day next year! ;)

The_Gator said...


I hate when i see something but forget all about it on the way back...or see something and then no matter what i do i cant avoid tripping on it. Thank God its never been a mountain of shit!


Sheila said...

Poor Bob! He is going to have self esteem issues if you don't stop "testing" him to see if he is cured lol.

Barefoot doggie poo skiing - that was a funny story!

Thanks (?) for the Christmas gift shopping idea - but I think I will pass lol. That's just gross!

Karlos said...

Jules: I think cats all go to a special school to learn how to be psychotic. Glad you like the cartoon. Cracked me up too!

WebMiz: Yeah, Bob’s a purty pussy fer sher. I saw the Love Turd Twister. You’re a good wife. Your hubby will love you forever!

Dumbass: That’s what I was thinking: “That chick looks really familiar.”

Sheila: The thing about Bob is that he is a badass. I don’t tell him that though, because it’d go straight to his head. He’s fearless and way too cocky for his own good! I’ll continue my efforts to “cure” him of his fear. If I fail, at least the world (a small slice of it) will be a happier place. :-) Where the hell are your partners in crime? They are really, really slacking.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Loved the memory story. It may have been not only because it was so funny, but because we live with a puppy and find land mines quite often ourselves. Always when bare foot I might add.

Marti said...

What a great blog you have! Miss C sent me. Loved the scared cat - and the poo story! Thanks for sharing your humor and making me smile!

Karlos said...

Thanks for dropping by Marti! Glad you liked the posts. :-)