Saturday, September 09, 2006

Long Time No Blog

It was a long, lazy, slow weekend. That’s my excuse for not blogging since last week. I had a nice, long Labor Day weekend. I took Friday and Tuesday off. Did I do anything productive? Not really. I did do some more genealogy work, which is becoming a passion of mine, especially with those old letters.

The weather’s cooled down a little bit. Tuesday the high was in the mid-seventies. Kinda made me want to get nekkid and run around celebrating with every hot mama I saw. But then I decided that might not be such a brilliant idea.


Sheila baby. I’m so sorry for not getting you the clam chowder recipe sooner. It’s from the Cliff House, a restaurant up in Maine. Just click here. It’s much good-o.


Rolller girl Nay: I made a lame attempt at Photoshopping your pretty head onto a couple of rollergirlbodies, but I suck and they came out bad; like a genetic experiment gone bad!

Maybe you’ll end up on this A&E series and we'll all know someone famous!

Oh, and hey…did you ever get my email to confirm your mailing address? Never heard back from you. Your birthday CDs are in the works, but if I gots nowhere to sends them, I can't sends 'em.


Memory du Jour:
Inglewood, California, 1968
I was six. I’d just got a brand new, Tonka cement mixer for my birthday. This one was special. It was battery powered, and the mixer actually spun when you turned it on. So I rushed right down the street and around the corner to my friend’s house. I think he was a year or so older than I was. Upon seeing my new toy, he determined that we must immediately make cement. Of course we did! We filled my mixer up with sand and water, and fired it up. It ran for all of about 15 seconds before the sand and water permanently disabled the electric motor. I was crushed. I cried as I ran with my wounded toy up the hill back to the house. Upon my arrival, Mom comforted me and listened to me as I cried and carried on and dropped a big ol’ dime on my friend. Mom understood kids though. She knew it was just as much my fault as it was my friend’s fault.

I got over it, but I’ll never forgive you Nasser Whateveryourlastnamewas.

Quote of the Day:
"And I suspect that what you'll see, Toby, is there will be a momentum, momentum will be gathered. Houses will begat jobs, jobs will begat houses." — George W. Bush Speaking with reporters along the Gulf Coast, Gulfport, Miss., Aug. 28, 2006

Link du Jour:
What song was #1 on the day you were born?
Sherry, by The Four Seasons was #1 the day I was born.

Image du Jour:


jules said...

Ah....I remember those Tonka Trucks. And the joke at the end is great.

R. said...

I love the image for today. ;)

The #1 song for my birthdate/year is "I’m Leaving It Up To You - Dale & Grace". I'm not sure if I know it or not.

And ps, you have my address right, not sure what happened to the email?

Have a fab weekend!!!

Margaret said...

Ode To Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry. Such a depressing song.

Love the image and YES, I stop by everyday and you've been MIA!! =O)

The_Gator said...

I too have been here everyday...if not multiple times a day waiting for the next blog. As you can see i have nothing to do all day other than work and school. Welcome back Dr. My Labor day sounded a lot like yours...pretty laid back with little excitement...well actually thats almost everyday in my life. Although a lot of exciting things do happen i just happen to forget about them or dont think they are blog worthy. I have no idea why i am rambling so done.

Sheila said...

Thank you for the clam chowder link I can't wait to make it.

You are such a good man!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I really liked your B-day song. Singing wasn't invented when I was born, it sounded more like grunts back then. We watched an awesome Coast Guard special the other night and thought of you. Glad you had a relaxing weekend

The_Gator said...


Karlos said...

Jules: Too bad they make crap these days. Do they even make the metal ones any more?

Nay: You’d know the song if you heard it.

Margie: I haven’t heard that song forever. I’m glad you drop by regularly. I’ll try not to be such a slacker now!

Gator: lol. I think my exciting days are behind me. Every so often I’ll get something going on that I suppose could be classified as exciting, but they sure ain’t like the old days!

Sheila: You’re very welcome. I think you’ll like it!

Nay: Oh quit. You’re killin’ me! What special was it? I saw one called “The Coast Guard at War.”

Gator: I’ve had that image for years. One of my favorites!

Dawn (webmiztris) said...

my 'birthday hit' was "Oh, What A Night!"....


hate that song!

sorry about your cement!

Karlos said...

I hate that song too Dawn...with a fucking passion!