Saturday, September 16, 2006

Slider? I Hardly Know 'er

We have a new addition to the household pet menagerie: A red eared slider. You’ve seen ‘em a million times, but I bet you never knew that’s what they were called. I sure didn’t. Google rules!

The Girl discovered our eight-inch-long new friend when she went out to give the doggies their daily dog treats. One of the little wiener dogs was sniffing it. Other than its shell, which looks a little rough, the little guy looks pretty healthy. We put him in a box and gave him some water and some lettuce.

This morning we’ll go to a local pet store and ask if they think we should keep it or release it in one of the local ponds. If we keep it, we'll buy all the amenities a turtle could ever want.

In the meantime, The Girl has two names reserved for it depending on its sex: Sheldon if it’s a male; Shelley if it’s a girl. Get it? Ha ha.


I have the Today Show on in the background right now. There are a couple of bozos from the Broadway play Tarzan singing. God, they suck. They're technically proficient (i.e. they're not tone deaf), but the music they're singing really blows. It's the syrupy, lovey-dovey, overly-corny type of music that gives me the dry heaves.


The niece and nephew are driving down from around Austin today. We’ll be entertaining, drinking, and watching what should be an excellent boxing rematch. It’ll be a fun evening. They’re a pretty cool pair of whippersnappers.


Thank you all for your birthday wishes! I had a great birthday dinner at a local seafood restaurant and a relaxing evening.


Memory du Jour:
King Harbor, Redondo Beach, California, Winter 1984
The Warden took a drive from the Napa Valley down to San Diego. In addition to visiting a cousin in Santa Barbara and an aunt & uncle in Santa Monica, we drove through my old stomping grounds (1969-1972) in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

Walking around King Harbor in Redondo, we heard some blues music (we’re both avid fans). We followed the sound to a tiny sandwich joint. I ordered sammiches and beer, and we plopped down on the picnic bench closest to the mini-stage. The guy playing the music was good – very good. He played every song we threw at him; songs most blues musicians don’t have in their repertoire: Bladie Mae, Champagne and Reefer, etc. He played the hell out of that acoustic guitar and harmonica. Awesome musician.

When he was done playing, we invited him over to the table. We bought him a sammich and rapped with him over a few beers. The guy’s name was Butch. He had long hair about half way down his back. He was from New Orleans, and was living out of his van. That’s all we ever found out about him. I often wonder what happened to that dude. He positively kicked ass; even before we got drunk!

Quote of the Day:
"You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror." George W. Bush —Interview with CBS News, Washington D.C., Sept. 6, 2006
No shit?

Link du Jour:
For those of you yearning for cooler weather. Make a snowflake and think cool.
Here's my effort:

Images du Jour
Children’s books you’ll never see in stores:


Margaret said...

Those were some great books! I'm half tempted to break 'em out and take a Sharpie marker to them and rewrite the ones in Katie's bookcase.

The_Gator said...

LOL they were pretty funny. Now listen here you blog coach potato. I expect an update either sunday night or monday morning. That is not a request it is an order. Ive never seen a turtle like that....the only thing close is its close relative the tortoise.

jules said...

OMG...I'm laughing so hard at the last two. Especially the last ones. The neighbors have FINALLY quit calling the cops when I have "friends" over!

rlb3773 said...

I flippin love turtles. I used to have one until my mom let it go when I was at school because it was stinking up the joint. I will never let her live that down.....

I read Horton Hires a Ho everyday. It is the Stanks favorite!

Also, I think the reply to my comment was a little uncalled for!

Sheila said...

My kids had a turtle when they were younger - we bought "him" at a pet store and when we got him home we discovered he had laid a couple of eggs in his box - so his new name became Shelly too lol. Her demise about a year later was quite sad - and a little unnoticed for a few days until the stench became noticable. Poor Shelly!

Love the "quote of the day". Do you think he will ever succeed in making the connection? lol

No said...

Too funny. Thanks for visiting my blog. How's everything in the Alamo City? Hot as usual? I used to live there, and my hubby is originally from there, so any news would be great!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I loved the whole post. Gawd Bush is a freak. Wonder when everyone else will notice? I'm Glad you have a new family member.

Dawn (webmiztris) said...

omg, those pics were hysterical...

hey, ya think maybe "Butch" got famous and changed his name to Stevie Ray Vaughn? ;)

Karlos said...

Margie: I thought so too. It’s always refreshing to know there’s someone out there just a little more twisted than I am!

Gator: Do comments count as updates? Had a full house this weekend so I had absolutely no time to do anything but entertain and, well, drink!

Jules: I like it when you laugh.

RLB: Uncalled for maybe….but fun? Yes! Fucker ;-)

Sheila: Poor turtle. Did you guys have a turtle funeral? I need to post about The Warden’s funeral duties one day. I don’t think Bush will ever get it. The fact is that the guy is really devoid of intellect and knowledge.

No: You’re welcome. :-) The Alamo City is doing well. Still hot, though only in the 90s now.

Y: Bush really is a freak. It frightens me to have someone so fucking stupid in charge of the most powerful country in the world. At least he has some smarts in his cabinet. I may not agree with their politics, but it’s a little reassuring that there are some brains there.

Dawn: Thought you’d like those! Don’t think Butch was the same dude. SRV already had a hit single by then (Couldn’t Stand The Weather).

Sudiegirl said...

oh...those are precious!

I think I like the Berenstein bears the best, although Babar was pretty good.

The_Gator said...

no it tis not!