Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Sunday

It’s Sunday at 11:30am and I have absolutely nothing to do but watch football for the rest of the day. How sweet is that? :-)

The weekend’s been good. Friday I cooked shrimp. I steamed 3.5lbs and made a Chinese dish with the other half pound. The Chinese recipe is one my mom got from someone when she was teaching in China. It was most excellent…and simple. I’ve posted it here.


The Warden did homework pretty much all day yesterday. Those of us who aren’t going to school did some chores and not much else. That evening we took The Girl to a party and went out to eat. If you ever get to San Antonio, eat at Cha Cha’s. It’s very good.

Later that evening we were treated to a hell of a thunderstorm. Reminded me of those monsoon storms we used to get in Phoenix. Here’s a clip The Boy shot with his digital camera. I edited it, so there’s a slow-motion version included.


Memory Du Jour:
East Coast, 1988
It was a scarce three weeks after The Boy was born. It was winter. The Warden and I were sitting around the house listening to the radio – A blues show I think. The DJ announced that he had a pair of tickets to give away to whomever could answer the question he was about to pose to his listening audience. I don’t remember exactly what the question was, but I do remember that I got in and won tickets to see Johnny Winter at a local club.

Okay braniac…whatcha gonna do now? You have a three-week-old baby. I remember thinking something along those lines, and it squelched my glee at having won my first ever call-in radio question contest; a contest to see someone I really, really like.

But wait…The Warden had a great idea: Let’s take The Boy up there and we can take turns going in to watch Johnny Winter. I remember laughing, but nothing else other than we decided very quickly that wasn’t such a good idea.

Quote of the Day:
"Nice girl, but about as useful as a sack of wet mice. -- Foghorn Leghorn

Link du Jour:
Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while, or who otherwise know me, know that I don’t particularly have an affinity for rap music. In other words, I think the vast majority of it sucks ass and has absolutely no musical value. Unfortunately, The Girl loves rap, so I have to listen to it on occasion. The Boy is the Anti Girl. He hates rap.
Anyway...There’s a rap “artist” out there called Chamelionaire. He does a little ditty called "Ridin'."

The Boy found this GREAT Weird Al parody of it. It’s called "White & Nerdy." It’s hilarious! Al’s a fucking genious. The lyrics are amazing.

Watch the original before you watch Al’s. I almost died laughing just looking for a decent quality version of it!

Image(s) du Jour:
To think some thought I was crazy for spending 21yrs in the Coast Guard!

Marine Corps
Air Force
Coast Guard


The_Gator said...

LOL funny you should mention that...i was told someone i went to highschool is in the weird Al video...ive only watched it once and so i dont know how accurate that is yet.

Damn those pictures kinda make me wanna enlist in the coast guard.

Anonymous said...

cool lightning vid! love the weird al video too....weird al freakin

No said...

Isn't there a Cha Cho's too? That was pretty good from what I can remember.

jules said...

Love the pics of the military. That's me on the right by the way.

Karlos said...

Gator: Well check it out man. You may be closer to stardom than you know!

WebMiz: The funny thing about it is that we got shit for rain that night. It skirted the city.

No: Yes. There is a Chacho’s. It’s more like Taco Cabana though, where Cha Cha’s is a full service restaurant. Chachos is pretty good. Much better than Taco Cabana. Ever since TC sold, they’ve sucked. Well, not sucked, but they’re definitely not as good as they used to be. The quality of the meat is substandard, and the tacos are fucking dwarfish!

Jules: I thought you looked familiar! ;-) Way to support the military!