Tuesday, January 23, 2007

11:30am Tuesday

It’s mighty snowy in and around Denver. I didn’t have my camera out to snap any pictures during the approach, but believe me, there was one giant buttload of snow! As far as the eye could see, nearly everything was covered in white. The roads were plowed and the cars were moving very, very slowly.

I’m at the airport waiting for a flight to board. The little puddle jumper departs in two hours. I’m hungry, but there’s this pesky frugal side of me that just can’t see paying $5.00 for a fucking hot dog.

I’ll probably get something to eat afterall though...glutton that I am :-)

The picture posted here is looking out the window where I’m sitting. Not much of a pic, but then I’m not feeling too creative nor inclined to hike around the terminal playing Ansel Adams Jr.

Peace. I’ll post later.


Anonymous said...

lol, me and my husband are so cheap at the airport. we eat Burger King (or similar) usually because it's the cheapest thing there and even THAT is rip. i hate airports! everything about 'em!

Anonymous said...

I hope Denver is treating you better than it treated me.
Bitch at the airport tried to have me thrown in jail for slamming the side of her head into my fist. NNever smoke in the smoking section in Denver...

Sheila said...

I have a frugal side too - I'm always thinking "I can buy the franks for this amount - the buns for this amount - the chili for this amount - and you expect me to pay THAT for a hot dog?". Then I too shell out the dough for the overpriced sustenance. How nice it must be to take advantage of people who have no alternatives. lol

Which brings me to the question: Bunny, did you actually slam the side of the bitch's head into your fist or did you slam your fist into the side of the bitch's head? lol Either way, good job!

Hope you had a safe trip Karlos.

Margaret said...

$5 for a hot dog? That's robbery. For that price it best be all beef, kosher and one foot long. Please don't tell me they charge 20 cents per topping too!! Dern, airports.

Thinking of you and hoping you are enjoying your trip.