Sunday, March 18, 2007


The other day some friends and I were talking about old restaurants. This morning I made my daily visit to Miss Cellania and found she’d posted a picture of one of them.

Let’s see if I can go through the list of old restaurants we were talking about. I remember all of these from California and Arizona back in the 60s/70s.



Sizzler Steak House

Love’s Barbecue

Straw Hat Pizza

Shakey’s Pizza

A&W Drive In

Winchell’s Donuts

Randy’s Donuts

The Earthen Joy

The Pig Stand


Here’s an interesting link about beverages that flopped.


Here’s a picture of my harmonica collection, harps if you will. Missing is my big ol’ chromatic. Don’t know what the hell I did with it. I don't really collect them....I play them. Have been since 1974.


Webmiztris said...

that dead sodas pages brought back memories...I forgot about most of those! I just remember that crystal pepsi was disgusting!

The_Gator said...

I havent been to the dead soda page yet...but damn i remember when i was little, there was a Bobs Big Boy and i used to love going there....Climbing the statue was half the fun.

Unfortunately they replaced Bobs with Carrows....i havent been back since....

I do know there is a Bobs Big Boy in Calimesa.....just off the 10....if only it werent so far of a drive just for breakfast.

Arlene said...

I love harmonicas!!! I used to have one when I was a kid and it was my most favorite thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I've heard of Carrow's, Sizzlers, Shakey's and Winchell's Donuts.

There was a Shakey's Pizza in Lubbock at one time and the pizza there was SOOOO good. Which brings me to a story I must share. Thanks in advance for indulging me in my trip down memory lane.

At the time, the legal drinking age in Texas was 18 - and my cousin Glenda and I fell just short of that. We had made plans with my older sister and another cousin of ours to have dinner at Shakey's which including consuming a couple pitchers of beer.

So being the resourceful people we were/are, we devised away around that little problem. We took the older sister's drivers license (Glenda needed the month and I needed the year) and proceeded to use an Xacto knife to cut out the needed parts from the license. Then we cleverly shaved the needed parts paper thin with a razor. Clear finger nail polish was also involved.

Pepsi sucks!

Sheila said...

Anon was me - twice. Don't know what happened.

Carlos said...

WebMiz: I don’t even remember some of those nasty sodas. I wonder what they do to the idiots who thought up those stupid flavors.

Gator: Your Bob’s dilemma sounds kinda like mine with Carl’s Jr. I love those damned burgers. There’s a grand total of one in the general San Antonio area. It’s a 50+ mile round trip, but I go every now and then with the kids. Go….Treat yourself!

Arlene: Back when I got mine (1974) we didn’t have video games and we didn’t have cable, so there was plenty of time to practice, which I did any time I had spare time. I got pretty good at it eventually. I don’t play much these days, but I stay proficient and can easily get up and play with a band.

Sheila: I sure wish they had a Shakey’s around here. I loved that damned pizza too. You guys sure were pretty damned handy with the Xacto knife! I was never that ingenious. If I needed something my age prohibited me from getting I just had someone get it for me.

Sudiegirl said...

OH I LOVED SAMBOS! In spite of it's politically incorrect name, I really liked it. We went there a lot when I was a little kid, and once my sister and I were trapped in a booth because my mom banged her bad knee on the top of the table pole. NOT PRETTY.

We had an A & W drive in when I was a kid, and my mom's car horn got stuck there once. It's a wonder she was OK with restaurants, as much bad luck as she had.

We had a Big Boy in Coralville, IA...beyond that, it was kind of unremarkable.

There's one restaurant I miss...don't know if it was a chain or was called SuperSpud and it was basically a ginormous baked potato bar. You could put ANYTHING on top of a potato that you wanted. Unfortunately, it is now's a tex-mex place.

Shakey's...I'm not the biggest fan of.

Miss Cellania said...

Not all those are out of business. I ate at a Big Boy the other night.

sudiegirl said...

I don't know if there are any Big Boys in DC...I know we had a Friendly's chain, and that went belly up in 2003. It was a shame...they had good pancakes.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

You forgot the ice cream place at metro center right near the main mall entrance across from the skating rink. Where are you by the way??? Hope you're well.

Carlos said...

Sudie: Yeah…Sambo’s was a lot of fun as a kid. Not quite as fun as Bob’s (‘cause of climbing on the statue), but it was still fun. Can’t say that I ever heard of “SuperSpud.” I remember Friendly’s when I was out there on the East coast. They really were pretty decent.

MissCellania: Correctamundo…I was just taking a little time trip :-)

Bunny~N~Early: Yeah!!! Farrell’s! I wonder if that fucking place is still open. That was the place to go for birthdays! I’ll do a little digging for it and see what I can find.