Saturday, April 14, 2007

Strawberry Breakup

Today we be headed off for the Poteet Strawberry Festival. Should be fun. We went last year. I sent some of you pictures. There are a few here from last year.

The Girl is breaking up with her boyfriend soon. Nice kid, but apparently very controlling. He tells her that as long as he’s with her she won’t do this or that, or talk to this person or that person. I told her I’d be her boyfriend – Take her out to movies and to eat, which earned me a “You’re a dork” look ;-)


The_Gator said...

tell The Girl i will be more than willing to comfort her....with her making me some sweet ass mexican food.

Sheila said...

Smart girl breaking up with nice kid but control freak. Wish I had been so smart at her age. Would have saved me lots of future woe.

Kudos to the girl

Arlene said...

Good for her for ditching him! That kinda crap can turn violent, and then you'd have to kill him!
Awww, a "gee you're a dork dad!!" look. I'm learning to treasure those already :-) Um, except I'm the mom, but you get it. Right?

Carlos said...

Gator: The only person that can cook sweet ass Mexican food is her daddy, and after that Tamale shit the other day, you ain't due for any SAMF anytime soon ;-)

Sheila: I was pleasantly surprised that she was thinking like that and not just succumbing. Wish my sister'd been like her.

Arlene: Amen! He'd definitely have been in for a killin'. I have come to enjoy the "you're a dork Dad" look quite a bit. I'm glad you have too...the mom part, that is ;-)

Webmiztris said...

I'm very familiar with the 'you're a dork' look. I give my husband that look at LEAST once a day....LOL to hell with controlling boyfriends. I'm glad she's kicking his ass to the curb!