Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rolling Thunder

I fell asleep in the front room around 11:30pm on Saturday night and had an odd dream…

…We had a bunch of people over at our house one night. I was greeting a long line of people coming in the door. A couple of guys stepped in. Both of them were named Mike. One of them was my best friend who, in the dream, was a good deal taller than I was. I looked up at him, “Mike!” and hugged him.

At about 12:30am I was awakened by thunder -- not the thunder I’m used to here in South Central Texas. This thunder faded in slowly, increasing in volume as it rolled. It reached a crescendo sufficient to make the house shake, and then faded out. It was followed by another; this one less intense. I had an indescribably strange feeling inside. I don’t recall ever hearing thunder roll that long (about 15 seconds).

One night almost exactly 20 years ago, I woke suddenly from a dead sleep. It was around 11:35pm Eastern time. I felt an uneasy and anxious feeling -- A feeling I will never be able to adequately describe. I went back to sleep. The next day I learned that my best friend Mike had died at nearly the exact minute I’d awakened the night before. To this day I swear it was him who woke me – To say goodbye as he left on his next journey.

Last night I had the same feeling. I took a picture of the remains of the fire that was burning when I woke. It was entrancing.

The above picture is the only one of Mike I have scanned. It was taken in 1983 next to Oak Creek in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona. Top to bottom: Nay, Carlos, Renee B, Mike


Sheila said...

What a shame Mike died so young. He must have been a terrific person. I'm sorry for your loss. How sad.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Gawd I hate "those feelings".

jules said...

I've had those kind of waking from things on at least three occasions. Now I'm kinda scared when I wake up like that and wonder who else has died.

Boobless Brigade Master said...

I not only believe that he came to tell you goodbye...I believe that those that have passed, visit us in our dreams often;)

Webmiztris said...

that is freaky! I really do think you can be connected with certain people like that...kind of like how twins just "know" when bad things happen to their other half.

Margaret said...

Dreams like that can be very scary - I've had a few and the premonitions fairly much on cue.

Hang in there, hopefully it's just a dream and nothing more this time.

Arlene said...

Oh my, that gave me chills :-(
I love fires! My favorite part of winter...well, that and the rain and thunder :-)

little sister said...

I'm awestruck! What a close connection you and Mike had/have, and I'm so sorry he had to leave this life so early (in our time...who knows how time passes in the next life).

As for your most recent dream, sure seems to me like he was stopping by to give you a hug. He must be a great guy :)

Carlos said...

Sheila: He was a terrific person Sheila. You really would have liked him.

Bunny~n~Early: Yeah….they really suck don’t they?

Jules: I’m glad I’m not the only one who wakes up like this.

Peg: I definitely believe that!

WebMiz: Freaky is a good word.

Margie: It was just a dream. I haven’t received any phone calls.

Arlene: I’m guessing that fire will be the last one of our short cold season.

Little Sister: It was truly a strange dream. And he was a great guy.