Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Spew

It's Three Word Wednesday. I've been meaning to do this since seeing it on this blog. Here's my contribution. Today's words are voice, holding, miles.

Now...Allow me to take my 100wpm typing fingers and rant a while. I don’t do it often, so bear with me…

I apologize in advance for insulting the mentally challenged of this world by using it to head an article about a true embarrassment.

You see, there’s an elementary school principal here in town named Elizabeth Rojas. She has a Masters degree and is responsible for overseeing the operation of a school entrusted to educate hundreds of children. Educated? Sure. Smart? Maybe not.

Sometime in the vicinity of the 3rd week of March of 2007, Ms. Rojas took a state test, the passage of which is supposedly required in order for her to keep her job. She failed. Was this the first time? No. It was the THIRTY-SEVENTH TIME SHE FAILED THE TEST. Her excuse? She told WOAI, “"I go into the testing situation feeling the anxiety of...throwing up, nervousness."

And what is the great state of Texas doing? They’re considering limiting the number of times the tests can be taken. Considering? Please. I’m writing someone. That’s fucking pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

I checked a web site and was stunned to see these comments, most probably posted by the offspring of said principal, or the brain dead:

Tony said:
“You need to add ‘creating news’ to your intro. I guess your ratings are down! I know you will not air this. Woai is the worst news station in San Anotnio.

Stacy said:
“Leave the principal alone! Yes, she should be able to pass the test - but it appears she has done a great job in raising the scores of the students so apparently she is doing something right. Not all people test well. As long as the kids are continuing to pass - leave her alone!”

Let’s say a little prayer that these two morons never procreate.

I don’t know about your weatherdunces, but the ones here suck donkey. Strike that. Whale. The only thing they get right is when it’s going to STOP raining. The other week they said it was going to rain Wednesday. Then it was Thursday. Then Friday. Next thing you know it’s seven days past their first target. They’re doing a similar dance this week. It was supposed to rain Sunday…then Monday…Then Tuesday. Now they’re expecting rain and a cold front on Saturday and Sunday. Given their history, I’m guessing that means the following Wednesday. Trust me. They suck.

So a year or so ago we spent three grand or so on a 52” Sony HDTV. Today the cable guy who was here checking levels in our cable lines and replacing a cable box looked at the picture and said, “isn’t that a high def TV?” “Uh, yeah.” Bottom line: The boys from Bjorn’s (Just Bjorn’s) installed the fucking thing wrong. They had the cable going into cable TV input instead of the HD input. Cable guy switched it, and I can’t get over how fucking awesome it looks! Now someone send me some high def porn! ;-)

If I hit the megasuperfuckingridiculouslotto I’m inviting you all over for my famous awesome brisket, some drinks, and some high definition tee vee. Super Bowl maybe?


Stupidest Thing I’ve Seen in a Long Time

Carlos, age 5, Rodeo Nursery School, Inglewood, California


Arlene said...

Oh my god, you were such a cute kid!!
Your 3WW was amazing!! Good job, and of course, I played too :-)
I can't believe an educated professional has taken that test, what, 37 times, and failed every single time, and still has a job! Are you kidding me?? What the hell? If I had some sort of testing at work, and I failed, let's say 3 times, I can almost guarantee you I'd lose my job!!
Our weather people suck here too. I predict the weather better than they do!

Webmiztris said...

aww, how cute are you!!!

sorry about your TV. I was high when I hooked it up. ;)

jules said... I should be able to get a job in Texas with no problem...right?

Carlos said...

Arlene: You're too kind Arlene! Glad you like the pic & the 3WW. It was my first try!

I'm with you....I'd be fired too if I didn't demonstrate proficiency in my job. It's unfathomable that she remains employed!

WebMiz: Thanks! Not sure what happened to me after that picture though ;-) I KNEW I recognized you. I mentally put a Bjorn's shirt on you and it all comes back. I'll get you though...don't you worry!

Jules: Yeah, but you're a smart broad!

Sheila said...

Great post. There were 20 kids in my youngest son's graduating class. 5 weren't allowed to participate in the ceremony because they had not passed the TAKS (which I think should be trash canned). So you tell us about a Principal who has failed a State test 37 times and she still has a job? That is pathetic!

Love your pic when you were 5 years old. How cute!

The Rowe rap escapade was just disgusting. Our tax dollars in action.

Carlos said...

Sheila: Yeah....that's pretty discouraging. Write the state...I'm going to. Someone has to be held accountable for this kind of unacceptable disparity. Fuckers!

Anonymous said...

Remember me? I wrote you a very long detailed blog about a year ago; I was on Stepney street about the same time you were.(I was born 10/60) Now I find another point we have in common.
That Rodeo nursery we both attended at the same time. My Father, an Inglewood policeman knew the owners rather well. (Their were some awfull things that happened at that nursery, thing I hope you are unaware of!)

Len K, Yucaipa.