Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Miscellany

The Boy and I were driving to a guitar store yesterday when we spied some punk walking down the sidewalk with his ball cap on “gangsta,” his pants low-ridin’, and his shirt just long enough to spare us the agony of seeing soiled boxers (prolly Sponge Bob boxers) or his nasty wanna-be-gangsta ass crack.

The thing is…this dumbass had to alter the way he fucking walked (the way a normal human being walks) in order to keep his pants from plummeting down his little chicken legs. It really is stunningly stupid. I mean….why? Someone tell me.

We laughed our asses off, The Boy and I did.

Someone sent this video to me. I tweaked it, adding some music.

This video from the Chappell show cracked me up. (R for language)

Check out Oliver Juechems. He kicks ass. Being a HUGE fan of blues music, this Deltab Blues style is perhaps my all time favorite. It's a toss-up between this and Chicago Blues. I almost bought one of these guitars the other day. Here's a link to Oliver's page.

This dude from a duo called Rag Mama Rag can play a steel purty good too. Check this video.


Shelley said...

The kid with the gangsta walk & hat is just trying to fit in - somewhere. Don't judge him to harshly. I'm sure we all did stupid things that, of course, we thought were cool. Tell me what you did at that age....hmmmm... I know there are some dorky things I have done in my life but, at the time, I saw nothing wrong with them. Oh, to be young and dumb again. Let's just hope this boy has guidance at home and his dress does not reflect his state of mind. have my opinion as to "why?".

Arlene said...

We were just cracking up at a guy that was walking with his legs farther apart than normal to hold up his pants, it was great!! Jackasses!!!

Webmiztris said...

i see "ganstas" like that a lot. it's so fucking funny! since when is walking with a limp cool? LOL

LOVED the Sesame Street clip!

Carlos said...

Shelley: Point taken. Now go away ;-) Just kidding. I know he's trying to fit in, but good lovin' it looks stupid!

Arlene: It really was funny. Maybe I'm getting old, but that look is just WAY silly.

WebMiz: They have gangstas in Bumfuck Nowhere? Say it ain't so!