Sunday, August 26, 2007


Did ya notice all the folks thanking God that hurricane Dean didn’t hit the US? Did ya also notice that none of ‘em said they’d be praying for the non-US folks the hurricane would be whacking?

A nice coworker of mine pointed that out. I’d never thought about that, but was intrigued by the observation. I did a little Googling and found that those thanking God for sparing them the wrath of Dean weren’t just from the US. Seems that none of the people thanking their particular deity was quoted indicating any concern for anyone else. Makes ya go “hmmm” doesn’t it?

There’s a pastor dude (Charles Flowers) here in South Central that runs a Christian boot camp. He was recently accused of dragging one of his troubled teen girls(15yrs) behind a van because she couldn’t keep up. He and an employee were charged with aggravated assault.

The alleged assault aside (there are plenty of pictures of the victim’s injuries), what I find particularly troubling is that the guy hasn’t denied dragging the girl.

And, of course, his loyal PurpleKoolAidDrinkers followers and fellow fringe ministers are rallying to his side, discounting any idea that the guy might’ve crossed the line and acted inappropriately and/or illegally.

The girl’s parent bears a little responsibility too. Here’s a part of the parental consent form she (and others) signed:
“I realize that Christian Boot Camp is a strenous [sic] and highly intense program. I further realize that the possibility of accident, injury or even fatality to my child does exist.”

You’re kidding me, right?

When are people going to realize that it ain’t such a good idea to put your life and safety; the lives and safety of your family/friends, your money, or your livelihood in the hands of small-time, pop-up churches and ministries?


Bunny ~N~ Early said...

More stories about good christians doing gods work. We can do what ever evil we want to anyone and all we have to do is ask for forgiveness every now and again. Who wouldn't want a piece of that? 97.2 percent of everyone in prison for murder or rape is one of gods chosen ones. How cool is that? Same with all the priests that molest little kids.
I'm off to go screw the neighbors husband and steal a car - see you all in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Pastor Flowers. I wonder if this guy ever gave thought to the WWJD motto? No? I didn't think so either. Oh, the people who call themselves Christians and act like assholes. And this is "Love Demonstrated Ministries"? WTF, mate? Let's put him away for a while and he can see love REALLY demonstrated. And, just like you said, what parent would sign anything like that consent form? They are also very much to blame. Then they have a misspelling on what is supposed to be a legally binding document? Get real. Sorry, dude. I'm upset. Can you tell?

Webmiztris said...

any parent who would sign that consent form would have to be out of their fucking gourd.

Woozie said...

As a black man, I feel compelled to say:

Don't you be dissin' my damn purple Kool Aid. We gon' have some problems.

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Oy...don't get me started...
If one is a parent and is willing to 'sign' over their kid to a place like that...than just sign you're freakin' kid over to the state ya coward...and ya never should have had a kid in the first place. Grrrrr.
I think by now, everyone knows where I stand on religious issues.
Evil grin.

Early said...

I like purple Kool Aid.......also. On the note of praying not to be wiped out by disasters ......just the other guy. I wonder if the parents would willingly partake in group activities. For example,Prayer Group 101. Before joining the group you have to sign a waiver, including possible death due to "acts of god"? Maybe, they'd sign their kid up for that one too

Carlos said...

Bunny~n~Early Nothin’ quite like a good, old fashioned, hypocritical Christian.

Ano Nymous: WWJD only applies to people being lectured by good Christians, not to the good Christians themselves. Sheesh… ;-)

WebMiz: That’s a fucking fact!

Woozie: Feelin’ repressed Woozie? ;-)

Peg: Yes, yes, yes. You’re so right. I don’t get it either.

Early: So many questions, yet so few answers. :-)