Sunday, November 25, 2007


It’s Sunday, rainy, 41 degrees, and I’ve been awake since around 4:00am. Yeah…my internal damned clock is set in such a way that I very rarely sleep past 7:00am. The high temp yesterday was 45. It’ll be 49 today and 35 tonight.

Speaking of cold weather, Saturday my dear friend Shelley up and split to a distant tropical locale on a week-long vacation. I checked the temperature there this morning and it’s 72 degrees! And so my workweek will be dull and routine (again!) without her to make me laugh or challenge my pea brain with her sharp wit.

Thanksgiving was acceptable. Nothing to rave about, but it was moderately okay ;-) We ate, drank, and watched football. Everyone was gone before 9:00pm – Everyone but our neighbor. She and The Warden stayed up and yapped/drank until around 11:00pm while The Boy and I played on his Xbox 360.

And what am I thankful for? The same things that Nay related to me in an email the other day: My close circle of friends, and my small family. There are other things I’m thankful for, but those are the most important to me. I have but a tiny handful of friends.

Y and Nay I know from way back in high school (Fuck that was a long time ago!) Four others I met between 1993 and 1998. Two of those four live a few hundred miles away, and are immersed in their new lives. Two others live in town. Last but not least is Shelley. I met her when she came to work with me in 2006. She has become one of my dearest, most trustworthy friends, allies, and confidants. Plus she’s rilly rilly smart.

I’m picky with my friends if you haven’t noticed.

I was going to post some funny shit today, but I got sidetracked going through photos and such. I may post later. If not – Tomorrow.

Off to make some turkey soup now. Good fucking weather for it.


reneeg255 said...

"Brrr" is right!!! I like 60's-70's.

It was slightly above 80 here yesterday. I was quite sweaty when I got done with my four mile walk/jog.

I can count my small circle of friends on one hand. I beleive in quality, and you and ~Y~ are top notch quality. ;)

Try and have a great week even though your "rily rily smart" co-worker/friend is in a tropical paradise.

The_Gator said...

Today its currently 61 degrees. Tonights low is going to be about 39 degrees. Tomorrows high is 70 and the low is 40.

Sheila said...

I agree - quality of friends usurps quantity any day of the week!

We've had nice "real feel" temps in the 20's the past couple of days. Nice dusting of snow on the ground too.

Carlos, your next project should be to train yourself to sleep at least until 9:00 am when not working lol.

So Shelley was recently released from the hospital and is now in a distant tropical locale on vacation? Good for her! No wonder she is so dear to you.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

"The Warden" -- perfect!

I didn't realize it could get that cold in San Antonio?

Carlos said...

Nay: Geez. I suppose that makes you downright stinky! Is AnnE wrinkling her nose? I’m honored to be in your circle of friends. And lucky to have you in mine! As for the great week. I hope it’s busy. It should be.

Gator: Sounds like the way it’s going to be the rest of the week – Just minus the rain. Right now it’s 35 and there’s a freeze warning. Time to find my warm jacket.

Sheila: I saw your temps. You guys get a lot of wind too? Regarding the sleeping project – I’d be so happy if I could sleep until 9:00am on weekends. I really would. But it doesn’t matter when I go to sleep, I’m usually up by 5:00am. Once in a while I’ll sleep in as late as 7:00am.

Nigel: Perfect indeed. She’s not so bad though. She has a number of other names too, including the Entertainment Director. People call and ask what I’m doing this weekend. “I don’t know. I’ll need to check with the Entertainment Director.” Yes….gets very cold here. Last year it was down in the low 20s I do believe. Ice pretty much crippled the city for two days.

Woozie said...

Is I your f-f-fwiend??

Carlos said...

Woozie: F-f-f-fuckin' A.

The_Gator said...

dont worry woozie i not his friend either...e-tear.

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Stay warm! I'm sure The Warden can help with that! LOL.

Woozie said...

What piece of crap game did you hippies play on the 36(66)0?

reneeg255 said...

What you talkin bout Woozie? :)