Sunday, November 18, 2007


I’m back. I drove to the coast with a friend on Thursday after work. We stayed up a little late that night, and drank a little too much.

The next day was hangover-long for both of us, as we attended a military function for a guy that used to work for me once upon a time. We got out of the function at around 4:00pm and had to get our hurtin’ asses ready for the formal dinner that started at 6:00pm.

Jim and I proceeded directly to an ATM, and thence to the liquor store, where we purchased a fifth of vodka and some club soda. Vodka sodas and Motrin work wonders for hangovers!

The dinner was okay. The hours in the bar afterward were better, and great fun. Six of us closed the joint. My body didn’t protest too much over the spirits I ingested that night: Vodka soda, bourbon on the rocks, and shots of tequila.

The drive back to Alamoland wasn’t too bad. We got off the highway and drove to Three Rivers for a delicious lunch at a tiny local restaurant, which broke up the drive and soothed our weary bodies.

Miss Shell
Shelley's been in the hospital for some tests since Friday (and will be until Wednesday). She's doing fine, but it's tedious and blah. I visited yesterday for a couple of hours. We talked shop and politics, and caught up on the past week (she was out of town). I got a free dinner out of the deal too. It was hospital food but hell, it was free - and the company wasn't bad either ;-)

She tells us coworkers, her mom and her daughter not to worry about her because "I can take care of myself," but we do - and that's just something she's gonna have to deal with.

Spam - Live And In Person
Knocker: Knock knock [Like 8:30pm]
Carlos to The Boy: Answer that and tell ‘em we’re not interested.
Boy: No thank you. We’re not interested.
Duncechick: Are your parents here?
Boy: Yes.
Carlos: I’m not interested thank you.
Duncechick: Are you sure? I want to talk to you about the construction [unintelligible]
Carlos: What? [walking toward door]
Duncechick: [silently walking away]
Carlos: [upon arriving at the door] What do you want?
Duncechick: [looking back as she walked away] That’s okay. If you’re not interested in the construction that AT&T did on your house, that’s okay.
Carlos: AT&T didn’t do any construction on my house.
Duncechuck: [with a smartass 12-year-old tone of voice] Yes they did, but if you’re not interested, that’s okay.
Carlos: Whatever, dumbass.
Door: [SLAM!]


reneeg255 said...

Glad your back all safe and sound and had a good weekend, even if you had to do a formal dinner. I bet the bar was a better time. ;)

Hope, co-worker/buddy, Miss Shell pass her test with flying colors :) What a great friend you are to spend time with her and even eat free hospital food.

That was kind of mean what you did to "duncegirl". Next time be nicer, kill them with kindness not meanness. If by chance I accidentally answer door or phone telling them thanks so much for calling/stopping by I appreciate it more than you can imagine, I really can't express how much it means, you have enhanced my day... That does the trick and eliminates any bad feelings on either end. :)

Have a great week my friend

The_Gator said...

lol what a night owl.

The_Gator said...

When is Shelly going to blog?

reneeg255 said...

yeah Miss Shell, when are you going to blog?

reneeg255 said...

I'm hearing echoes in blogland, where is everyone?

Woozie said...

Echoes? This is London calling...

Woozie said...

Echoes? This is London calling...

Carlos said...

Nay: The bar was MUCH better! I suppose I was a tad mean to duncegirl, but I think if you heard her smartass tone of voice you might’ve responded similarly :-)

Gator: I’ll ask her if she’s gonna blog.

Nay: Ditto above

Woozie: You’d love the Grand Canyon.

reneeg255 said...

I probably would have bitched slapped the fucking dunce getting snide with me on an off day ;)

Send her over to me and I'll smack her for taking that tone with you and the Boy. ;)

Webmiztris said...

sometimes I think it would be nice to keep a paintball gun by the door. it would guarantee less door-to-door loonies over time....LOL!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Hi Carlos
Just getting caught up on my blog reading.
That sucks Shelly was in the hospital. Is everything OK now? I mean did they find what was wrong?
About hangovers... 8 or 9 years ago I over dosed on alcohol (alcohol poisoning). Three of us drank several bottles of wine and finished off every bit of hard liquor we had in the house by doing shots. THANKS NEY! Anyway I had to be hospitalized the next day- The doctors treated me by calling me stupid and with lots of pedialite and valium. Next hangover try it. I know it works well if your dying lol.