Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The Boy and I went to see the Spurs last night. They lost in a nail-biter to the Phoenix Suns, my once-favorite team. It was a really good game, even if they did lose :-(

Last week I watched Sportscenter pretty much every morning. Not once did I see any highlights of any of the Spurs victories, or any of the stellar games that Manu Ginobili had against opponents.

Then, one night the Spurs got spanked by Golden State. Guess what. Yep. The Spurs were all over Sportscenter. Highlights included Tony Parker getting stripped of the ball, and the fact that the Spurs registered a season-high 21 turnovers.

It’s a crying fucking shame that a reigning NBA champion team that has been dominating the sport for a few years gets such little respect as a team. Compounding that crying fucking shame is the fact that the Spurs are sportsmen. They are an honorable lot, and just downright good guys. They play the game without being stupid. They play game, and don’t get bigger than where they came from.

The media has their favorite players, and will cover them no matter how bad a team the individual is on, or how well the Spurs are doing.



This morning I opened my in box and saw an email with the subject line of “hey.” It was from my good ol’ friend Amber McClumphy, and here is what good ol’ Amber had to say:

Did you get my message? I haven't seen you still, come see me at http://www.______/ and add .com

I feel sorry for the weak of mind – the folks who really fall for this kind of stuff.

Memory Du Jour
Do you Arizoniacs Remember The Flumes? For those of you who don’t: The flumes were up around Lake Pleasant (AZ). The part we all liked was a shallow, cement flume (ditch) that usually had a few inches of fast-running water. It was at a 25-30 degree angle, and traveled a couple hundred yards from my most feeble memory. The bottom of the flume was covered with a slick coating of moss. The game was to get in the flume and ride to the end. One rode either sitting on one’s ass or by trying to stand up and “ski” down on his or her shoes.

The end of the ride was marked by a four-foot (or so) drop into a small water junction (pool). You could end it there, or elect to go a little farther. If you didn’t stop yourself in time, you’d ride a half-pipe water bridge across a wide, dry river bed/canyon(?). There was a rope hanging from a cross-member a few yards past the point of no return. If you could catch it, you could “monkey-bar” your way back. If you missed it, you were in for a long ride. I never missed it.

It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the actual flumes action. I do, however have a picture of Nay recoiling from having stepped on a piece of barbed wire at the bottom of the flumes, under the water bridge. ;-) Yeah. She was barefoot. Yeah, she was pissed.

Not much info on the web about the flumes. It was a fun place to visit.

Fill in the blanks guys. Nay? Y? James(If you still drop by)?


reneeg255 said...

The Flumes!!! That place comes up in conversations reminicing with my Mom. Yes, my Mom. Not that she ever went to the Flumes but she remembers clearly one year getting a call from the Principal at Peoria High School asking if our family was having financial problems? She was perplexed with the question and asked why would he ask such a thing and he responded that her son had been wearing holy jeans to school and was wondering if she may need some sort of assistance.
My poor Mom was embarrassed, she had just bought Joe brand new jeans for school completely unaware that the in thing to do was wear them to the flumes and wear them in. ;)

I think I had only gone to the Flumes once? Must have been that damned barbed wire fence that kept me from going back. Or it is possible that I went more than once and lost that brain cell.

Remember the keggers that use to happen out at Deer Valley? If I recall right Ten Grand use to play? And didn't you get up and play your harmonica with them?

Where is the pic of me recoiling? :)

Margaret said...

Ms. McClumphy sounds like the typical bearded ex-circus fat lady who 20 years ago used to work for 1900 numbers.

Woozie said...

No, it's a crying fucking shame that you're talking about basketball in the heat of football season.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Hey Carlos
I'm not much into sports but I've been spammed by Amber and friends. That can't possibly work. Can it?
As for the Flumes, I've been told they / it isn't there anymore. I never missed the point of no return either, now I wonder if it was really as bad as we heard it was. Poor Ney I bet she was super pissed, I always wore shoes because of all the broken beer bottles. The only time James was ever at the Flumes, he got really drunk, I asked one of my biker friends to baby sit him and keep him away from the water so he didn't drown.
The first time I came back to check on him the biker had thrown change all over the place and was having James "pick up the treasure". The second time I came back James was passed out under the car with only one shoe. I doubt he can tell you much about the place Ha haaa. Gotta admit the biker was a great baby sitter though.
Ney you and I went to the Flumes once with the Shit house gang!

Carlos said...

Nay: I was really surprised how little information I could find about the flumes online. Only a casual mention every here and there. Funny story about your mom and Joe! I’ll dig up the pic of you recoiling. It really was perfect. You had JUST stepped on the barbed wire and “snap,” I got it. We went with some ‘tard I worked with at a cabinet shop. His name was Bob, and I think we dragged him along ‘cause he had some money or weed or both! I do remember the 7th Street and Deer Valley parties. And yes, I did play with Ten Grand a couple of times. God those were great parties. I’m surprised I survived some of those! I’m going to dedicate a post to ol’ AZ stuff I remember. Should be fun to do!

Margie: LOL. She does. Umm…I mean…not that I know what fat, former fone sex broads sound like :-)

Woozie: I’m shocked that you aren’t living up to stereotypes. I thought you negroes loved basketball! ;-)

Carlos said...

Bunny~n~Early Wow! We posted at exactly the same time. I hit the button and got my email notification…then I got another notification. I thought I’d hit the button twice. Freaky man…fuckin’ freaky! I don’t remember Nay being pissed, but I’m quite sure she was. As a matter of fact, I can’t imagine she wasn’t! James….I feel his pain. I passed out a couple (ahem) of times up in that vicinity. Mostly the lake though. I passed out once in the bed of a pickup in the heat of summer and was so burned I was sick for two days. I don’t know why I didn’t get dragged to the hospital! Man those were some fun times….except for the pain that is. I’m surprised we all lived through it. I really am.