Thursday, March 06, 2008


Shelley got this email from someone at work today.

Subject: Great T-Shirt Idea

Where can I order mine?? I'm dying to wear one to Walgreen's. This
shirt should be a hoot at the post office also. I'll bet if we put our heads together, we can come up with a great list of fun places to wear this shirt and stir up all kinds of discontent. K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, KFC, & McDonald's all just came to mind.

Gee , it's exciting when I get inspired. Don't just sit there, jump in and be politically "incorrect" with me!

Forward this e-mail to all your friends.


Shelley’s response:

"This is one thing I have wanted the President to do for the last 7 years."

Jesus H Christ that was fucking sweet, Shelley!! I’ll betcha a nickel the majority of the idiots who laughed at that email couldn’t pass an eighth grade, English grammar test.

This email represents the kind of right-wing ignorance that drives me to drink. Aren’t these the same cretins who claim to be patriotic Christians? Pfft! The same ignorant fucks who travel over seas and get mad because no one speaks English. And what about that pesky First Amendment? How can you be patriotic and not believe in the U.S. Constitution? And what of the tenets of Christianity?

Political incorrectness has a place in our society – I’m about as politically incorrect a human as walks the earth – but this kind of shit is just plain stupid.

Anyone who thinks they or our government can tell me how to speak, what to speak, and what language to speak it in is gonna have a bit of a problem with me.

That is all.


Shelley said...

These idiots who think we should "speak English or get out" are fucking stupid themselves. I wanna know where their anscestors came from...France? Germany? Ireland (no English there)? Maybe Spain or Russia. Shit, coulda been Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa), China. Oh! Maybe these idiots think English was the "original" language spoken here. For God's sake, please don't tell that to the Native Americans. Without the Cherokee Code Talkers in WWII where would we be now? Arguing this blog in Japanese? Would that be the language on the shirt. Get fucking real!!! We all came from countries with different languages or dialects. The Southerners have their y'alls (or "all y'all" in TX) and the folks from Pennsylvania have their y'uns. Then we have the Cajun dialect in there, not to mention those from "Baahstun" or "Joisey". Again, what a bunch of idiots. I wonder if they can even read the damned t-shirt! Besides, they probably already shop at WalMart or K-Mart anyway...

Shelley said...

Can you tell I was upset?

Carlos said...

Shelley: You go girl! I can tell you were upset. Can you tell I was?

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I've been on both sides of the fence on this issue. I wouldn't wear a T- shirt that pointless or stupid, but I do think it's common courtesy to learn the language of the country that's kind enough to put you up.
I understand it's friggen hard to be somewhere and be unable to communicate with even a doctor or the police when you need to. I'm there now, but I would NEVER expect these people to pony up their tax dollars to print English on any official forms or pay extra for officers or Dr's to learn English so that my stupid ass can communicate. I'm a guest here and I have nothing but respect for this country and the people who were born here and make it such an awesome place for me to hang out. I will out of respect and necessity learn Spanish. Until then I expect I should be responsible for paying translators not the natives.
BUT - it would sure make things a whole lot easier if these people were forced to pay my way and supply me with English speakers and food money. I remember in the early 80's I missed a flight back into the states because they only announced the boarding call in French, that was a wake up call for me.
When in Rome...

reneeg255 said...

Or Central America, North America...

I'm with Bunny on this but hey I'm just a stupid American who does shop at Walmart and also pretty certain that I couldn't pass an eighth grade, English grammar test.

However, I'm certainly not here in Guatemala getting mad because they don't understand my incoherent giberish English. Thank goodness I am proficient speaking with my hands and have the important words down, bano and cerveza.

Guess I feel pretty passionate and sit on the other side of the fence ;)


The_Gator said...

I laughed at the ancestors are from England. I speak english...or i try. AND GOD DAMNIT YES I DO SHOP AT WALMART NOW GET OFF MY ASS!


living here in southern california it has become almost impossible to not pick up some spanish.

I believe when i was driving through Tehachapi coming back from the visit with my sister in November i was listening to the Radio and a caller was on talking about how the spanish language in America is actually dwindling in usage. She argued that the third generation of kids could not speak spanish. The first generation being the immigrants who speak nothing but spanish; the second speaking spanish and english, and the third speaking very little spanish and mostly english.

Although this woman was getting a lot of shit from whoever the radio show host was, i agreed with her. From what i can see amongst my friends..its true.

Back to the topic at hand... I feel immigrants should make an effort to learn the language. Should dumbass americans learn foreign languages? ABSOLUTELY. My mother grew up in england and had to learn French. When she moved here and took some college classes she learned spanish.

But no i do not think the immigrants should have their hands held the entire time. Get out immerse yourself in the culture that isnt your own..broaden your horizons. Learn a second language... you will then be smarter than the regular dumb fuck on the street.

Carlos said...

Bunny~n~Early & Nay: Don’t get me wrong - I’m yammering from a Constitutional perspective; and pointing out the hypocrisy of the political Right. I’m all for people learning the English language if they’re gonna live here.

The hypocrisy is that the God fearing Right claims to be patriotic, yet they want to squelch free speech. Who are they to tell people what they can and should speak? If I wanna speak Pig Latin to my daughter everywhere I go, that’s my Constitutional right, but I shouldn’t expect my bank to print their ATM instructions in Pig Latin.

When I was on active duty in the CG, our planes used to go out on wide-ranging trips, ahead of approaching hurricanes. They’d play radio broadcast warnings of the hurricane: In English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. I used to joke that speakers of other languages were being neglected and left for dead, but understood the reasoning: The issue was saving lives. The predominant languages spoken in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico by mariners are English, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

I don’t think citizens and native speakers of English should have to pay more because a company or our government decides they need to print instructions in English and Spanish (or whatever). Similarly, I don’t expect citizens of other countries to pay to cater to my language needs just because it’ll make my visit easier.

There is a place for multiple languages in our society – within reason, but people shouldn’t get mad because I speak Pig Latin in their presence. Likewise, I have no right to get angry for eating a suppository because I couldn’t read the instructions that told me to shove it up my ass. ;-)

So….in summary chillens:
-- I have a constitutional right to say just about anything I want – in any language I want, just like the knucklehead who sent this email had the right to send it.
-- I don’t think we should go out of our way to be a bilingual/trilingual nation. Visitors/immigrants need to learn the language.
-- The political Right is way hypocritical: “Dude, I’m so patriotic (see my Amurcun flag lapel pin?), but fuck your right to say what you want. And fuck them beaners too ‘cause they ain’t Amurcun. I’m going to church now.”

Gator: I’m with ya. And that lady’s right that the use of Spanish dwindles each new generation of Hispanics. Living in San Antonio – I see it every day.

For the record – I shop at Wal Mart too ;-) Not every day, but I do visit on occasion…with a little guilt because of what I know of the company. (Link courtesy of Shelley).

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

WHAT EVER you were yammering about you should have the right to yammer. You're right about those dumb assess continuously voting in the bastards that take away every ones constitutional rites because they are chicken shit's and would rather trade their freedom than have to fear the nasty old cave dwelling boogie man. Home of the brave my ass! And while I'm bitching - wasn't Bush the one in office on 911? How has he managed to get away with saying he has kept this country safe? No other president had the boogie man kill that many people on our soil on his watch. No, Bush hasn't kept anyone safe AND destroyed the constitution.
The geniuses are going to vote for change this time though and put a checkmark near McCains name in November. What idiots!

Woozie said...

Just stand next to them with a shirt that says "He Loves The Cock".

Problem solved.

Woozie said...

Or maybe you could buy the shirt in a Spanish version!

Carlos said...

Woozie: Fabulous idea. Spanish version should be: "El Le gusta la verga"