Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get Smart

I tried to embed this video a number of times, but it just wouldn't work. Anyone who's old enough to remember the original Get Smart TV series will appreciate this. I don't have any recollection of the episode, but it cracks me the hell up!

Going to get my broken nose fixed once and for all tomorrow. Until 2003 I didn't know I even had a fucking broken nose! If my face doesn't hurt too bad (Quiet, Shelley!), I'll post. I'll think of you in my Vicodin-induced stupor ;-)

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

I used to watch "Get Smart" all the time. Sigfried was THE MAN!


Shelley said...

Craw, not Craw. Craw!!!
Good luck on the new nose job. See you after I get done with the house and all the folks coming to do things to it. Be good, don't whine. Maybe ask for a few extra pills for me! Talk to you later, guy.

Anonymous said...

I love the star wars squirrels! Good luck with the nose thing; I definitely wouldn't want the pain.


reneeg255 said...

Your nose didn't look broken to me when I saw you last year.

Yes, good luck tomorrow and I like the sound of a "Vicodin-induced stupor" ;)

I loved Get Smart!!! Buck Henry was/is genius in my book.

Carlos said...

FlyinFox: I watched it religiously; only without the religion ;-)

Shelley: Gracias. Yeah - I'll see you too. I'll try not to whine, but no promises ;-) See you this afternoon!

Early: Thanks bro! The squirrels are my favorite too. Me no like pain either. That's why I've been blowing this off for 5+ years ;-)

Nay: Apparently I broke it years and years ago. Must've been in a drug induced fog or something ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hate when I can't remember how I hurt myself. Loved the pics...

Anonymous said...

that was from bunny by the way