Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Way It Ought To Be

Did you see 21-year-old Jamaican Shelly Ann Fraser run and win the 100M Olympics final? It was sheer joy, and I couldn’t stop rewinding and re-watching.

The only video I could find of it online is crappy, but you’ll get the picture. You can go to the NBC Olympics site to watch it, but you need to install some bullshit application to do so.

Quote of the Day
"And so the fact that they purchased the machine meant somebody had to make the machine. And when somebody makes a machine, it means there's jobs at the machine-making place." —George W. Bush at the Silverado Cable Co., Mesa, Ariz., May 27, 2008

If that ain’t Homer Simpsonesque, I don’t know what is!


Anonymous said...

That also sounds like something I would say ;).

I could have a beer with that guy, and then we could do lines of cocaine, oh wait, I don't do drugs any more, other than those prescribed by my Dr, well we could still have a beer, however it would take several prior for me to stomach him, awwww, forget it, I couldn't sit and have a beer with him ;0

Have a fan-fucking-tastic week!!!

American Hill BIlly said...

Running chicks, and BMI? I like it. Sounds entertaining, but I'll bet "meating" the Jamaica Mamma would be more Entertaining!!LOL

United In Peace

Margaret said...

Unfortunately, I'm sure said Machine was made with planned obsolescence in mind.

The machine making place has moved to Asian shores in search of cheap labor.

We're stuck with a bunch of pieces and parts from broken machines less jobs available.

Carlos said...

Ano Nymous: Kinda does, doesn't it? ;-) Hope your week is fan-fucking-tastic too!

AHB: I'll bet you're right!

Margie: And it was probably built to guzzle fossil fuels until it reached that obsolescence :-)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

You are right about the video...I wanted to see more.

Do you know, I have not seen any of the olympics. I guess I am just not interested this year. Too much to deal with in my own life I guess....

Woozie said...

The Olympics: Cum for the sexy athletes, stay for more sexy athletes.