Saturday, September 13, 2008


So Ike took a little detour from the Alamo City. Sissy!

Did anyone else notice how reporters on CNN and NBC/MSNBC did their live reports with one hand on the microphone the other on their hip? It really looked unnatural and dorky.

Shelley and I are convinced they were coached to do so for some unknown reason. Maybe the networks hired some body language expert who advised them to do so because it showed bravery and defiance in the face of a deadly storm. Whatever the reason, it looked stupid....really stupid.

And if I see one more reporter hold up a piece of debris and say something stupid like, “This is an actual piece of plastic...”

Road Trip

Last month Margie won the first-ever “Where’s Carlos” game. Sunday I leave for another adventure, which means we’ll be playing again. Those of you who already know where I’m going are not eligible to play, nor are your roommates, close family members, life partners, fuck-buddies or speaking birds. Have fun, and good luck.

Quote of the Day

“I am angry, frankly, at the oil companies, not only because of the obscene profits they’ve made, but at their failure to invest in alternate energy to help us eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.” – Sen. John McCain, June 13, 2008

His anger has since waned, as he is now making sweet love with the oil industry


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Not even going into the dissappointment I felt that Ike did not come to visit.

On the other hand..the burgers on the grill were great!

Woozie said...

Are you going to San Francisco? You should catch the views before they put up oil rigs just offshore.

Anonymous said...

How the hell are ya? Drop me an email.
BTW... Can friends of friends of fuck buddies talking birds play?


Carlos said...

Mello: Anyone I don't tell can play :-)