Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Saturday the friendly, neighborhood horse track coughed up about $175 to yours truly. I won a $150 exacta on the first race I bet on, which was very nice indeed. I took out $100 after arriving, did some betting; bought some drinks; and still came home with $116. Not bad for an amateur. It was a fun night.

I’m not so sure what the big deal is with this financial crisis. I mean, I read a story on CNN online Monday, and it didn’t seem so scary to me. Here’s a screen shot I captured at work.

Other Blog

In honor of the most unqualified vice presidential candidate in U.S. history, I’ve started a temporary piece on my Dumbasses in Government Blog. It’s called “Palin Speaks.” As with Dubya, there should be no shortage of material. I challenge you to read and watch, and then tell me she’s smarter and more qualified than you to be the second most powerful person in the most powerful country in the world.

Quote of the Day

"We've got a lot of relations with countries in our neighborhood." — George W. Bush, Kranj, Slovenia, June 10, 2008


Margaret said...

Hehe, $700 bucks. I read somewhere yesterday it's up to $850 Billion.

Cool deal on the horse track. In the summers I'd hit the AC track for a night out and it was fun to play. Well, okay it was fun to play because I was caught up in a racket but we won't go there today. =OP

Woozie said...

lol, economics

Anonymous said...

I could bail them out at $700, I could be a hero ;)

Heck take them to the track to get the $700 and have them buy your drinks ;0

I'm off to check out your Palin piece.

Have a fucking fantastic week buddy!!!


Anonymous said...

end, I left out the end!!! :)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I wonder how well you would do with betting a tri-fecta? Things that make one go Hmmmmm....

Hey, now, that should be funny. I am going to check out Palin Speaks momentarily....

Margaret said...

My FIL sent this to me this evening and for some strange, odd reason I thought of you!!

"A Texan died and ascended into Heaven. St. Peter met him and welcomed him saying "You will certainly enjoy Paradise."

The Texan shook his head sadly and said "I always thought that TEXAS was Paradise."

St. Peter said "Well, let me show you what we have to offer." He took the Texan to an area that had a beautiful river flowing through it with wildlife and flowers everywhere. "Isn't this beautiful?" said St. Peter.

The Texan replied, "Yes, but not as pretty as the area around SAN ANTONIO."

Somewhat ruffled, St. Peter took him to another area where there were rolling hills, whitetail deer and bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush every- where. "Now" said St. Peter "Have you ever seen anything so wonderful?"

The Texan paused and said "Yes, it is beautiful but it does not hold a candle to the TEXAS HILL COUNTRY in the springtime."

Becoming more upset, St. Peter then took the Texan to a beautiful white beach, with gentle waves, and an azure sky. "Now have you seen anything this beautiful in Texas" said St. Peter.

The Texan smiled and said "I guess you've never been to SOUTH PADRE ISLAND".

At this point, St. Peter took the Texan to a large rock. On the side of the rock was a huge iron door. St. Peter opened the door and they stepped into an elevator and started going down. As they descended, it grew more and more hot.

When the elevator door opened, it revealed the fires of damnation-Hell. St. Peter said, "Now,have you got anything in Texas that can top that?"

The Texan thought a moment and shook his head. "No, but I know a couple of old boys from a company called Halliburton that can put that thing out for you."

Carlos said...

Woozie: And now they have the Office of Financial Security to “protect” us.

Ano Nymous: I could pitch in $700 and we’d be superheroes!

FlyinFox: I thought the same thing! I woulda been rich ;-)

Margie: $850B is criminal. Absolutely criminal. Think of what we could do with $850B. And I’m glad for strange, odd reasons :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win! Isn't gambling wonderful!
I love it...