Monday, November 10, 2008


The fence mending went well. It was a long, long day (9:15am – 7:00pm). But we got free BBQ out of it, which is a plus. I only got a few splinters, but my back and legs were killing me Sunday. Got home Saturday night (after over an hour of grocery shopping), soaked in a hot whirlpool tub, then crashed.

Worked part of the day today and did some chores, including making some killer fucking green hot sauce, and chips. Shelley’s daughter and her boyfriend are coming down for a couple of days. We’ll be drinking and playing Cranium tonight, and doing fun stuff tomorrow. They’ll be here in about 90 minutes, so I needs must go.

Until later my three or four regular readers…


Woozie said...

You made chips?

Flyinfox_SATX said...

That sounds like a good weekend. Hard work but fulfilling.

I raise a Corona with a shot of Barcardi Limon in your direction my friend.

Carlos said...

Woozie: Just cut up some corn tortillas and fry 'em in oil until they're nice and brown. Once you go brown....well, you know. They're fucking awesome.

FlyinFox: It was good, neighbor. Cheers to you too!

unokhan said...

that's still impressive as hell, considering all the store-bought chips in this world. and u made yer own salsa-- rockin!

Q: if u don't mind my askin, what's yer favorite hot sauce? i swore by louisiana sauces (vinegar) for years till i discovered some of the asian ones (oil), and then a tex friend turned me onto mexican stuffs (carrots?). i still like em all-- it depends upon what they're going in or on.

Carlos said...

Unokhan...sorry I didn't answer sooner...was in my "to do" box. Unfortunately, it was piled under a few other things in the box. ;-)

Tomorrow (I hope) I'm going to do a post dedicated to hot sauces I like.