Saturday, November 15, 2008

Public Service Announcement

LR44 and SR44 button cell batteries are expensive. Radio shack charges $5.49 for one - $9.99 for three. If you give lots of presentations as part of your job, you probably go through these quickly in your laser pointer. If you're a sucker for impulsive, clitoral stimulation - you may go through a lot of these in your Vibratex SnugglePuss vibrator, your silicone Rabbit Finger vibrator, or the ever-favorite Frisky Fingers Silicone vibrator, you've probably been to a few payday check cashing places to keep your supply sufficient to sate your desires. You sluts!

Anyway...I digress. If you take apart a 12 volt, A23 battery, you'll see it is stuffed with eight of those little LR44 batteries. Radio Shack sells two A23s for $7.99; and one A23 for $4.99

So...If you buy the A23 for $4.99, you've just bought yourself $43.00 worth of LR44s!

As much as I'd like to claim credit for this, I can't. My son actually turned me onto this little trick a few years ago. Here's a link to the video instruction as well as photographs.

And here's a link for how to extract AAAA batteries from a 9V battery. The AAAA batteries can be used (with a shim) as AAA batteries in a pinch.


Woozie said...

If you give lots of presentations as part of your job, odds are you work a shitty one and you should kill yourself.

Or find a new job, but that's no fun.

Shelley said...

Dude (Woozie), are you telling me to go kill myself? Please be kind - besides...the laser pointers are good for tormenting cats as they chase the light around the house and wait for it to come out from under the couch.

I won't mention the other goodies on the original post. :o)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

This is something I am going to keep in mind...I was not aware of this.

Thanks for the public service announcement.

Anonymous said...

I too have heard of this. Haven't had the need seen as I dont give my self clitoral stimulation with said devices. God games me some of my own.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are well. I miss you and all my friends.


Carlos said...

Woozie: I agree. I hate giving presentations, although I did give a pretty good one last month. Well, one out of three was good ;-)

Shelley: Mention them, mention them!

FlyinFox: It's pretty cool. I need to go verify it still applies, but I though it was awesome.

Gator: Where you been man? I haven't seen you around in like forever! Thanks for dropping by. I'm doing well. Hope you are too.

Anonymous said...

I am doing ok. I should be stopping by daily again here next week.


Jules said...

Damn. Those batteries are MEGA expensive out here in BFE. Fortunately I use the kind that attaches to a car battery. :)

Jules said...

P.S. Which MIGHT explain my AAA rates going through the roof!