Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blogger Suicide

2 Girls and a Guy
It was a fun blog for a while. Didn’t know much about the guy. He was in the throes of internet death by the time I started visiting. The chicks were very cool. One was in North Texas; the other was in New Mexico. A sister commented regularly, and they all visited my blog all the time. We chatted online and generally had a lot of fun.

Anonymous Midwest Girl
Very funny young woman from, you guessed it, the Midwest. I very much enjoyed reading her blog, but then she went and met a dude and has been in a blog coma ever since.

Bad Moods are Contagious
The blog never took off, but the person was a regular visitor to mine, and had a profile name of Cool Sponge Bob.

A way funny, nutty chick from Bum Fuck Pennsylvania. She started playing guitar in a band and bailed. She has a Myspace page, but Myspace sucks ass, so I don’t visit it but once every few months to see what she’s up to. She stopped visiting blogs altogether.

Up around the DFW area. A funny, sweet woman and regular visitor to my blog. Her sister Jules (see below) also blogged a lot for a while.

This guy used to blog about some skank who worked with him. It was a riot. Some of the funniest shit I’d read on a blog. Then his boss caught wind of it (and the skank, I think), so he had to shut it down. He moved to another blog but it never took off. Looks like he had some health probs.

Moonchild’s LifeA regular commenter but, since she deleted all her blog entries, I have no recollection of her.

Regular visitor who had a fun blog once upon a time, then he just vanished.

Musings of a Chick
Prolific blogger at one time and sometimes-visitor to mine. Thought she’d committed internet suicide, then not…now I think she might be in an internet coma.

Theater of the Absurd
Jules (Ivy’s sister) is a pistol. She moved to bum fuck, Louisiana and effectively disappeared. She used to email once in a while, but has stopped that too. Funny, talented, and self-proclaimed nymphomaniac.

There’ve been a few other blogs, the links to which I simply deleted when they disappeared. Wish I’d have kept them for this post.


Woozie said...

Man, I hate it when bloggers up and disappear with no explanation. Some great people have certainly vanished.

Just know this--if I die or what have you that's maybe the only reason you'll ever see ol Woozie disappear without an explanation. Maybe I'll pen a living will leaving my email and password to a well-writing friend so they can give The Tome its last rites.

Carlos said...

It really does suck. There was one blogger I became quite fond of who had cancer. I enjoyed her photography and her writing a great deal. Blog comments and emails went unanswered. Sad.

You should leave a blogger will to someone you trust. You never know. If I had more than four regular readers, I'd probably do that.

unokhan said...

they's just steppin outta they world, steppin n2 yer world, n steppin back out again. prollee don't realize folx come 2 care about em n the interlude

Carlos said...

Yeah...ain't that a bitch?

Anonymous said...


You may want to update my link...if you haven't done so already. Here it is...


I will probably kill the Hurt Locker as I am not really posting there any longer.

Also, have you heard from Hammer?

TC said...

I love the idea of a blog will for some reason, lol.

It does suck when your favorite bloggers up and disappear.

My Brand Of Crazy... said...

I'm still here. Gonna try to post more. Need to get crazy stuff outta my head anyhoo. lol.
Yeah, I miss Anne too. I think about her often.
Oh...and I miss Y something fierce!
Glad you are doing well and reconnecting with the kids:)

Carlos said...

FlyinFox: Will do. I was wondering what the hell happened to you. Haven’t heard from Hammer. Haven’t been t his blog for a while either. Has he posted lately? Margie kinda vaporized too. Life consumes us all to one extent or another I suppose.

TC: Holy shit! I haven’t seen you for, like, totally, ever. I kinda like that idea too. Not that I have a ton of readers or anything, but I’d like to think that one of them might wonder or care if I vanished inexplicably. Thanks for dropping by, stranger!

MBofC: Hi there you. You do what you need to do to get that shit outta your head. Whatever it takes, do it. I’ll send Nay (not Ann) and Y an email and tell them you asked for them. I visit your blog more often than you might think. Sometimes you have it locked out; sometimes you don’t. It was nice to see you back open for business the last time I dropped by. Chin up dear. Chin up.

Anonymous said...

Ah but those were the good old blog days...


Anonymous said...

You forgot mine...although mine is not just lazy. I do notice you do visit though. Kick me in the ass when you visit and there is no new post and i will get on it. I promise.


Carlos said...

Tripping: They sure were…they sure were.

Gator: I didn’t forget about it :-) I just noticed you hadn’t given it up completely so I didn’t list you. I’ll drop by and kick you in your lazy ass in a minute.

Anonymous said...

Madman was the BEST!!! I so miss him!!! And I enjoyed reading Jules and Ivy, and Two Girls and A Guy. Addroc was a good one that I enjoyed, but work life got better for them and then they had individual blogs and now I have to go see if they have blogged lately.

I was sad the one chick from Washington got shut down ;(, what was her name ;)?

And Toto was there ;), and the Scarecrow, and Aunty Em. Fuck I'm the Scarecrow, and I'm still looking for a brain ;), I often hear that song in my head, "If I Only Had a Brain"

I'm glad you are still here!!!! I was without internet for a bit, now I need to go read Gator Guy and Buff My Scrotum and catch up. It doesn't sound like there is much catching up to do at Gator Guys.

Nay searching for a brain (DANISH!!!)

TC said...

I got a comment sometime last week from someone in Texas that I hadn't seen in awhile and it made me think of you. It has been awhile :)

Carlos said...

Nay: Holy sheep fuck! You came the hell out of hibernation. Jeez. Sorry I missed your call the other day. I woulda called you back, but I figured you were Skyping, and the number wouldn’t work. Was the number right?

Yeah..Madman was the shit. I wish I would’ve had the foresight to have downloaded his whole web site. I laughed so hard at his posts about that chick. Do you remember what he called her? I don’t. I wonder what happened to him. I figure something bad, because he was in ill health and then just vanished…but ya never know.

Too bad that chick got shut down…that sucks. She was fucking awesome ;-)

I’m here too. I don’t post as much as I used to, but I try; and you sure know who your blogger buddies are: the ones that stick around even though I don’t post much of anything any more :-)

Good luck finding your brain! Try calling me again sometime. I’ll be out all day Saturday into the evening…Sunday might work though. I don’t have anything planned then.

Traveling Chica: :-)