Monday, January 26, 2009

Sans Top

Does the fact that this sign only prohibits men without shirts mean that women without shirts are permitted by default? Woo fuckin' hoo!!!!!!

Sadly, there weren't any topless women in the joint. :-(

Global Warming
Any time I've discussed global warming with anyone, I've always said we should err on the side of caution. How common citizens (especially political pundits and politicians) can possibly think they're smart enough to say global warming is a hoax is beyond me. If you have a few minutes, this is a cool little video.


flyinfox-satx said...

I think that we should be the ones shot for actually believing that Politicians don't go into it for their own agenda....

The old joke still applies. How do you know a Politician is lying? He opens his mouth.

TC said...

Oh man, I'd give anything to be at a beach bar right now :)

Carlos said...

FlyinFox: I won't be in that firing squad. When it comes to politicians, I believe in results, not lip service. That saying applies to layers too :-)

Traveling Chica: I haven't been to a barefoot bar forever. I always go toples ;-)

Margaret said...

Just maybe if the world keeps heating up as it is, we'll see the emergence of more women going topless.

Unfortunately in a few more years I'll be running over my nipples with my walker wheels. :(

Anonymous said...

I've always been kinda partial to topless bars, beaches,parks and anywhere else they serve me free food lol.


Carlos said...

Margie: Holy shit...where'd you come from sranger? ;-)

Tripping: Me too! I haven't been to a topless bar for years. The best ones I've ever been to are in Key West (or were anyway). Then there are the nude bars there. Fabulous looking women, even with clothes on!