Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Nannerpus!!!

This, in my opinion, was the absolute best Superbowl commercial ever - one of the best, period. I can't get the jingle out of my head.

Hail Nannerpus
Believe in Nannerpus
Revere Nanerpus
Emulate Nannerpus


Seriously…Is there something wrong with me? Tell me I’m not the only troubled soul out there with Nannerpus on the brain. I want me a Nannerpus!


It isn't spelled with two esses (i.e. Nannerpuss). The nanner is supposed to resemble an Octopus which, as you just witnessed through reading, only has one ess.

If the nanner had been designed to resemble something with a banana mouth or face, then Nannerpuss might be appropriate.

Similarly, if said nanner was a twisted mutation of cat and banana or a girl and a banana, it might also be Nannerpuss.

And finally, a real live Nannerpuss


Anonymous said...

Blue topping on pancakes... Nasty, just nasty.


Anonymous said...

Best. Commercial. Ever.

Anonymous said...

haha that was're not the only one!

Anonymous said...

Oh nope you aren't the only one- my roommates and I have been singing it all day- its now a permanent 'inside joke'....
Most traumatizing/brain melting commercial...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, i can't stop watching it!
I watch it over and over again.
It came on a few hours ago and i screamed hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Goddammit all to hell, I'm gonna miss out on my free fucking breakfast. Blue topping or not, I wanted my free breakfast with blue topping on the side.

Fuckning Nannerpusses!!!

(you think I would've remember if it is spelled correctly after the English lesson ;)

Nay, breakfastless

TC said...

I didn't really like any of the super bowl commercials this year. I was very disappointed.

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