Monday, March 16, 2009

Certain Parts

Have you seen these idiots peddling dick-growing potion? The commercials kill me. Instead of saying penis, cock, prick, dick, schlong, tallywhacker, moisture-seeking meat missile, dingaling, dong, wang, wong, trouser trout, tube steak, beaver cleaver, dork, pork sword, etc, they say things like, “That certain part of the male anatomy.”

Even the “doctors” on these commercials can’t bring themselves to use clinical terminology.

This video stars a large-hootered, former Penthouse Pet and current(?) lezbo porn star who claims to be a doctor. I love the visual aid in the background.


TC said...

I love all the Spam I get that tells me how to enlarge my penis. I hate to break it to them, but simple multiplication rules say that anythingx0=0. I don't have anything to enlarge, so all their "guarantees" in the world aren't gonna do jack for me.

Carlos said...

lol! The minute they start offering a "double-your-money-back" guarantee, you need to start ordering! You could make yourself some money!

Shelley said...

Is Michael dancing so wildly because he has come out with a new tour?

And about these "dick doctors"...what is it they have that others don't? A fucking vibrator (in my hands or anyone else's) does just as good - if not better!

Anonymous said...


Size does matter, if you are wanting to be a porn star?


Woozie said...

I hear those pills do work, so long as you keep taking them, but the improvement is really quite negligible.