Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Shelley

Dear Shelley’s mother and I visited my Dear Shelley in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit this evening. Although she was in a good deal of pain, the nurse assured me she was doing very well. I comforted Shelley, told her we were there, and told her I loved her. She was in no condition to have a conversation, but she was cognizant enough (despite the morphine) to tell me she didn’t want to talk, and that she had a headache - understandable, considering she’d just had brain surgery. I might have a bit of a headache too.

For me, the hardest part about this has been seeing Shelley worry and fret, seeing her in pain, and knowing she’s going to worry and fret and hurt some more during her recovery. I wish I could bear all the discomfort and anxiety for her. I want to bear it all. I don’t want her to have to go through this. She’s a sweet, gentle, kind woman who doesn’t have a mean or unsavory bone in her body.

I’m out for now. I’m going to call the NICU and see how Dear Shelley is doing.

Tomorrow after work I’ll be visiting her again. Those of you who know my personal email address can email me for additional details.

And Shelley…I love you. The house and my life are empty without you. And Kitty is none too pleased with your absence. Get well and come home soon.

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TC said...

This was a really sweet post. I'm catching up on all that has been going on with her surgery all at once, but this definitely required a comment.