Friday, May 01, 2009


Good news: Shelley’s out of the ICU and in her own room.
Not-so-good news: She had to have a little surgery last night to stop a little “bleeder,” as they call ‘em in the biz, in her brain. So…she’s pretty groggy and generally feeling like shit today. Nausea, mild pain, discomfort, and frustration with being bed-bound are the main source of her ire. She's stable, alert, and she understands everything and knows where she is...and that's what counts...But I so hate seeing her like this. It hurts my heart to the core.

I’m headed back to the hospital to spend the night tonight.


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Rimpy said...

"Huzzah!" to the good news; "Bummer!" to the not-so-good news. Hope she feels better soon. You're a good husband.