Monday, May 11, 2009


I left the hospital this morning around 8:00am to do laundry, and some chores. I also did a little farming in our garden. I'm looking forward to a bounty of yummies.

Dear Shelley was supposed to get out of the hospital today, but the doctors want her to stay for at least another day. She was bummed, to say the least. Her mom and I visited this afternoon. She moped and cried a little; but was in better spirits by the time we left. I took her for a walk up and down the hall, brushed her hair, helped her with her food, loved her, comforted her, and even kidded her a little.

Dear Shelley's sister will arrive tomorrow from Washington.

Tonight I'm anesthetizing with a Vicodin and a little whisky. Just enough to bring on the sleep.

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flyinfox-satx said...

I am so happy to hear that Shelley is home! This is awesome.

Kudos to you for taking care of her and showing the love and devotion you have.

I do hope that you have gotten the necessary rest though.