Monday, May 18, 2009


Just a quick note to say Shelley’s coming along fine. She wants to do more than she ought to, but that’s just her personality. The challenge is trying to keep her from overextending herself during her recovery. We had a nice weekend with her mom and her sister.


Anonymous said...

Way cool! Two thumbs way up on a positive recovery!

Melissa said...

Glad she's doing well. Hope that continues with ease.

Thanks for letting me know you made the asparagus and chicken, and that you loved it. I'm so glad. :)

TC said...

Glad she's doing well. I was hoping to find time to check in and get an update :)

Shelley said...

Finally back on my computer. I can do chores, if someone lets me. I just get tired early in the evening.
I am having trouble remembering people's names and why I want to talk to them. That is very frustrating. My math is okay - just the language and reading is frustrating. I hope I will be okay when I go back to work.

I missed Carlos when I was gone and like feeling his warmth when I am cold.

One of these days my head will not be bald in one spot. Yuck.

Thank you everyone for thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is coming slowly coming along.

You both take care!