Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures this trip (or last trip for that matter). Sorry. Last trip (Charleston) I was carrying on with coworkers every night. This trip I was carrying on with coworkers some nights and forgetting my camera on the afternoons we didn't get rained in. The bottom line is that I suck. Next trip (whenever that'll be) will be better. Here's an unmasked version of an earlier picture that should elicit a winner. If not, well then you guys suck ;-)
On the flight between DFW and San Antonio today, I was sitting next to this cultured young woman (probably 30) who was indulging herself in what I thought must surely be a wonderful literary work entitled "Thong on Fire" by someone named Noire. says the book "has all the classic components to classify itself as an urban erotic tale," whatever the fuck that is (and never mind the grammar). The title character is just as cheesy as you might expect: Saucy Robinson. I wonder if this gem has won a Pulitzer Prize.

Wheel of Dumbasses
While typing this little Friday blog entry, Shelley and I were kinda watching Wheel of Fortune. So this one blond dumbass was spinning and guessing away and, true to form, she started buying vowels when it was completely unnecessary (You know....You've all yelled at the TV before when people do this). So we berated her appropriately as she bought vowels:

Topic: Food and Drink

Al_ac_r_e T_na W_th Le_o_

"I'd like to buy a "U."

Al_ac_r_e Tuna W_th Le_o_

Then she ends up with...

Al_acore Tuna With Lemon



She pauses just to make sure she gets the right letter....

"I'd like to buy an eff."

Alfacore? Are you fucking kidding me!??!!??


TC said...

Alfacore? Really? Wow.

TC said...

How come dumb people get on that show? I want to get on that show and win some "BIG MONEY!"

(Ok that was cheesy. But not dumb.)

Woozie said...

I had to google it to find out it was albacore...then again I hate tuna.

The_Gator said...