Monday, June 15, 2009

New Cat

So Shelley and I got a new Cat on Saturday.

Here she is

She played

And Kitty Watched

And Was None Too Pleased

The Kitten Noticed Kitty's Disapproving Glare

Yet She Didn't Care In The End


TC said...

Aww, what a cutie!! :)

Congrats on the newest addition to the family!

The_Gator said...

you evidently read too much newsweek.

Carlos said...

TC: Yes, she's adorable. It's been a while since I've had a kitten in my life. It's nice :-)

Gator: Evidently ;-)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

She is cute!

Rimpy said...

Cute kitty, kind of looks my new kitty. Male or female?

Anonymous said...

News is bad, M'Kay ;)

Did you see Colbert goes commando?

I am blocked from viewing, only those in the US can now watch it online at Colbert Nation, I'm looking for a way to catch it illegally, woop's I meant legally ;)

Cute putty cat!

Love you buddy!!!


Shelley said...

Rimpy - She's a girl. He's in a house with nothing but females. Either we outnumber or he is getting spoiled.

Shelley said...

One more comment, dude. Everytime I would go TDY with all those guys you were with this last two trips (in two weeks) you bitched and complained because I spent so much time BSing and having fun with them. You said you don't do the same caca I do. You go out, eat dinner and tell everyone you will see them in the AM. WHATEVER!!! You didn't even take pictures of Charleston and took so few of Baltimore. I am glad you have finally gotten the idea of what to do with your co-travelers when you are out there. Again, I don't want to hear it when I am on my trips. ;o) The trips are to do work, discuss the "work" afterwards - when you are drinking (you always get better ideas in that situation) - and have fun with the folks you haven't seen in a while. I missed you bunches, understood the situation and was totally jealous. Welcome back home.

Melissa said...

HEEEE. Kitten. :) They're both beautiful, but the kitten is more adorable for, you know, being small.