Saturday, June 27, 2009

Road Trip

Shelley and I are off to Austin for the day. Do ya think I'll be able to get away from all the Michael Jackson coverage? Jesus...I hope so. It's enough that all the entertainment channels are covering it; I hardly think it's necessary to dedicate 80+% of the network evening news to his death.


Flyinfox_SATX said...

....and in the Blogger World News, there are new developments in the Michael Jackson Autopsy....

Just kidding. Have a great one Carlos.

Anonymous said...

Hope your having a fab time in Austin and escaping the MJ crapola, I figured all the news channels would as well have their panel of "talking heads" along with the Michael Jackson experts!

I'm jaw dropped that experts, on him exist, what-the-fuck-ever!!! I chose to put my channel on USA and watch a day of "Bruce Almighty", "40 Year Old Virgin", & "Borat". I did see a headline that Bruno cut a Michael Jackson thing before release, does that make me an expert ;) and I even contributed to your dis-interest in him ;)

Love ya buddy!!!


Melissa said...

Luckily we don't really watch TV 'round here, but I'm sick of the coverage even online. Ugh.

Hope you guys have a great road trip!

TC said...

Hope you had a fun day!

It's STILL hard to escape the MJ news, so I'm kinda doubting you got away from it for the day.

Carlos said...

No such luck escaping MJ last weekend. The restaurant we ate at had MJ playing!