Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where The Fuck is Carlos?

Ain't much, but it's all you get right now ;-)


Rimpy said...

Grand Rapids, Michigan (just a wild guess).

Anonymous said...

LA (that way I'll be right if it's Los Angeles or Louisiana)

p.s. this is Ivy, I can't remember how to sign in!

Carlos said...

Rimpy: Nope. My family's from Grand Rapids, though ;-)

Ivy: LOL. Or Lower Alabama! None is correct though :-)

Anonymous said...

Cripes, what a rip-off with one piddly picture ;)

Ivy still around? I use to love reading her blog, but she went away ;(

My guess is Boston? No, you just got back from Boston? :) :) :)

I didn't know your family was from Michigan??? I guess I still have things to learn about my ol' buddy ;)

Anonymous said...

You know that is my comment above,

Nay above ;)