Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Work

Friday evening I finished destroying the wasp nests in preparation for painting that area the next day. Yesterday I spent nearly the whole day finishing up the painting and waterproofing the fence. When I was done (around 2:00pm), I thought I was going to die. Even with a hat and a wet towel over my head/neck, I pushed the limits of my

I showered and crashed for a three-hour recovery nap, then went out for dinner with Shelley and her mom. Gone are the days when I could work in the heat for hours on end.

During the course of my painting the outside of the fence, I think I inadvertently killed my biggest zucchini plant. The little bit of overspray that got through the cracks in the wood, apparently did it. The huge leaves completely wilted within an hour or so. Talk about a bummer! That thing was really producing, and it was huge. So I snipped off the last two zucchini and put them in the fridge with the others. I hope the other zucchini plants start producing like that one did.

9:00am Update<
I went out to the garden, and it looks like the zucchini plant may be recovering.

I saw a truck yesterday with a bumper sticker that said Palin/Jindal ‘12. That’s just downright frightening. Palin is a fucking rock. She may be savvy in a lot of areas, but she doesn’t have the conventional smarts one need and should have to be the President of the United States. Bush didn’t – and look where that got us. Jindal’s smart, but his narrow social ideals are a little restrictive for a free country in my opinion.

Besides, Palin keeps quitting her obligations. First she quit as mayor of Wasilla, now she's quit as governor of Alaska.


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Carlos, are you nuts? Yesterday registered 104 on my thermometer. For me the yard can wait.

Glad you had the downtime.

As far as Sarah Palin is concerned. She scares me and I am a republican. The answer here is "NO".

unokhan said...

take it easy, ol coot. yard work is for mornings.

that truck was going backwards