Monday, August 31, 2009


Saturday morning Shelley and I made the hour-plus drive to Austin to visit her daughter for the weekend. We got there around 11:00am.

It was a good weekend, except for the bad, bad sunburn I got lounging at the pool.
- Breakfast at the Omelettry. Fantastic omelets, if you were wondering.
- Lounging, drinking, sunburning at the pool.
- Dinner at North by Northwest. Fantastic food!
- Darts and rehydration at the place where Daughter’s boyfriend tends bar.
- Sleep.

- Walgreens for some sunburn stuff
- Coffee and tacos at Thunderbird Coffee.
- Spend some time at the Hot Sauce Festival.
- Pick up Daughter’s boyfriend.
- A nice, thirty-minute drive to Driftwood, Texas to have some killer barbecue at The Salt Lick.
- Drive home.
- Arrive home.
- Put stuff away.
- Watch TV
- Crash

Great weekend.

I’m off today, which is even mo’ greater…except for the laundry I have to do.

Now for some randomness…


Joker_SATX said...

Carlos, that does sound like a great weekend....Good for you!

TC said...

Wow, a place dedicated to just making omelets?!?! Awesome!

Carlos said...

Joker: It was really nice. Just a bitch about the sunburn :-)

TC: They actually have more than just omelets, but the omelet I had was stellar. I'll go back, that's for sure!