Saturday, September 12, 2009


When you were young, did you ever look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what you’d look like when you were older? And then, when you got older, did you look in the mirror and wonder if you looked like you thought you’d look like when you wondered it so many years ago.

I did, and I still do today.

September 12th, 2009 marks my forty-seventh birthday. That sounds weird. I’m forty-seven years old. When I was young, I never thought specifically of being forty-seven, and now I am, and I’m not quite sure what I should think or feel. I suppose I shouldn’t feel any different than I ever do.

As for what I’ll do. I’ll probably do what I’ve done every September for years: let it pass quietly without a lot of hoopla. Why? That’s just me. Shelley and I and some friends went out to dinner Friday after work, which was nice. I had a delicious16oz prime rib, which is a suitable birthday treat. It was a nice evening.

I’ve never been a big fan of giant birthday celebrations for adults. I’ve never had one, nor do I ever want one. Well, maybe when (if) I turn 70 and then again when I turn 80. Yeah man…Geritol shooters and creamed corn. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

What I miss about my birthdays is the phone call and card/present from my mom. I never quite knew when they were going to come because she never told me when she’d call or when she’d mailed a card. Poor Mom forgot my last birthday – just two short months before she passed away. She felt absolutely awful about it. I told her that worrying about cancer and having her affairs in order were way more important than the anniversary of my birth. She still felt bad, but I hugged it out of her.

So…happy birthday to me, bitches.


Rimpy said...

Happy Birthday, you old fart! (I've got you beat by almost three years). I don't recall wondering what I'd look like when I got this old. I think I never figured I would reach such an impossibly old age. Many happy returns of the day.

TC said...

I think getting older is just something you can't truly grasp as a child.

What a sad story about your Mom :( Sorry to hear she missed it, and that you're missing her.

Hope you manage to have a low-key, quiet birthday!

(I might have gone to the beach the weekend before my birthday, but I sat at home and had dinner in and watched college football the night OF my birthday. I understand well. I think it has something to do with being a virgo.)

Joker_SATX said...

Belated Happy Birthday Carlos...Hey, remember its not the age...its the mileage!

reneeg255 said...

Happy be-lated birfday!!!

The_Gator said...

happy be-lated birthday my friend. Im sorry I missed it. I was in Vegas watching Tower of Power.

Anonymous said...

Happy B-lated from meeee toooo!

MMMM steak!

Miz pitz

Shelley said...

Happy birthday - again. I love you.