Monday, September 28, 2009


I found an old email in my "to read" folder this morning. It was from me. I often send myself emails as reminders to do things, file things, post things, etc. In this case, it was a reminder to post something.

Back in 2007 former WOAI meteorologist Maclovio Perez was doing a weather, and finished his piece by saying the following to the morning anchors: "'re gonna get wet."

Morning anchor Leslie Bohl Jones replied, "And not the way I want to."

Am I the only one who thought naughty things about that sentence?

And now for some random bullshit...


Rimpy said...

I hope they greased the sides of that ship in that last picture. And oh, yes, that conversation between the weather man and the anchor woman was rife with innuendo.

Rimpy said...

Hey C: I've got my blog set up to show little snippets of the most recent posts whenever people on my blog roll update. Right now it's showing a post by you about getting 143 visitors, but when I click on it, that post does not appear on your blog. Did you delete it? Sometimes Blogger is a little funky. At any rate, I'll bet "whale's vagina" had a lot to do with all the visitors.

Joker_SATX said...


Sounds like she needs a little something extra!

Carlos said...

Rimpy: Sent you an email.
Joker: Indeed!

TC said...

That conversation made me think of the show "The Office." Ever watch it? Well, the main character takes any sentence that might be sexually-laced with innuendo and says "That's what she said!" I immediately thought that.