Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As I was stumbling through the internet this afternoon, I came across a site for some obscure-sounding/looking rum. Being a big fan of rum, I thought I’d check the company site for locations where I might purchase said spirits. Upon arriving at the site, I clicked on the link that is supposed to get you to the nearest place to buy the shit. I got there and it said, “page not found.” I hit the ol’ backspace button to go back to the previous page, only it wouldn’t work. The web idiot who designed the site decided backing up from that specific page to the previous page wouldn’t be a good idea. You either look at the 404 page or exit – period…no exceptions. To think they might’ve had a sale. Dumbasses. To top things off, visitors to the site’s homepage have to put in their date of birth before being permitted to get to the actual site and (God forbid) view images and descriptions of rum bottles.

We’ve been getting an assload of rain the last couple of days, and there’s more to come. Thank Nannerpuss!

I’m thinking about moving this blog and making the new one private, since I only have a few loyal readers. Kinda makes sense to me. What do you think?

And now for a little bullshit:


Rimpy said...

Ah, my man, you should have saved those rum-dummies for TSB!:)

Nannerpuss be praised! We had a couple of days of rain when Super Typhoon Melor was tearing stuff up out in the Pacific, but since then, zippo!

I'm not sure I follow the reasoning in making a new private blog. What would be the benefits?

Joker_SATX said...

Thank Nanerpuss is right. That and now the creeping crud has hit and is knocking my kids innards...outwards.

You should see if you can find a fax number for that Rum site and let them know that they lost a sale because their web designer is a third grader...

TC said...

I gotta say... the private blog kinda sucks. The only benefit I have from it is no more worrying that my Mom really did find mine.