Sunday, November 08, 2009


Good day. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and for that I am deeply sorry. Well, not quite, but I do wish I had both more stuff to write about and more friends reading ;-)

Last week was a busy week, as we hosted a conference. I didn’t have to speak this time, which was fine by me. I spoke in June, in February, and last November. I don’t mind doing it as long as it’s on my terms and to the appropriate audience.


Yesterday I decided to make a pot of chili; not the red chili most are accustomed to, but rather more of a New Mexico-like chili. My mom used to make it when I was a kid, and it’s one of my favorite things to eat – a comfort food for me. Here’s the recipe – nothing’s eaxact:

Cook pinto beans
- Brown lean ground beef in a heavy pot. About halfway through Add onion, chopped to your liking.
- Cook until beef is done.
- Add beans
- Add canned, chopped green chiles to taste (including the liquid)
- Add canned whole tomatoes (including liquid)
- Season with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and a dash of Mexican oregano.
- Stir everything up and cut/mash the tomatoes to bits with your spoon.
- Simmer on low (covered) for a half hour or so.
- Right before serving, add cumin and stir. If you use two lbs of beef, I’d say a tablespoon is good.
- Top with a little finely grated cheese.

So anyway….I cook this chili and it’s smelling right tasty. Then, for some fucking reason, I decided to thicken it, which I never do. I put some of the bean water into a Pyrex measuring cup and whipped in some cornstarch. It thickened a little, but not as much as I thought it would, so I added some more. In all, I figure I added around two tablespoons.

I added the mixture (and a little more water) to the chili. When I finally got around to tasting it, I thought it tasted a little odd…a little sweet.

It turns out the cornstarch I added was really POWDERED SUGAR!!!

Shelley and I both ate our share because, although it was sweet, it wasn’t awful. We also decided that adding a small bit of powdered sugar to the chili next time might actually complement the flavor!

Now for some random bullshit:


Rimpy said...

Bummer about the chili. My wife's grandmother once accidentally put chili powder instead of cinnamon in a pumpkin pie. Like your sugary chili, it wasn't terrible, but not exactly "seconds"-worthy, although one member of the family really seemed to like it.

TC said...

It was 8 days between posts for me. Oops.

The chili - the recipe anyway - sounded good!!! Hopefully the next batch will turn out perfectly :)

Joker_SATX said...

Actually, that Chili recipe sounded pretty good!

LMAO at the last pic!