Monday, November 16, 2009

Where the Fuck is Carlos?

Not a bad day of travel for a Monday, with the exception of the Alamoland airport, which was stupid packed. It was a half-hour or so wait in the security line. Some bimbo with big giant hooters was whining about maybe missing her flight, but wouldn't ask security or the volunteers if she could cut line. I wonder if she's figured out the doors boobs can open. Doesn't seem like it.

Anyway...I digress. Here are a few crappy pictures from today and tonight. I'm traveling solo, so I have no photographer, it was getting dark at my destination - so no bitching. I'll save my Ansel Adams pics for another time, suckas!

It's cold here tonight....


Rimpy said...

I'm hot on the trail! What's the deadline?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't even begin to guess, but wishing you a safe and fun trip.

The mall police are watching you :)