Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off Today

So I'm off today sick, for the second day in a row (sinus infection). I figured I'd sit down and watch District 9, which I bought a few months ago on Blue Ray, but never watched.

I'm about ten seconds from smashing the fucking disc up into little pieces and mailing it to Sony. I've never seen such an idiotic fucking menu and chain of events one must endure to see a god damned movie: forced previews, cryptographic menus, a system that freezes....What a piece of fucking shit. I've been dicking around with the forsaken bastard for 25 minutes and have yet to see the movie. I'll give it ten minutes, then it's getting smashed to bits.


The_Gator said...

Im Curious to know how the movie ended.

Joker_SATX said...

Carlos, you know here at Arkham we have a few techniques to help you curb that temper.

Yeah, Yeah...I know. I'll shut up now.

Rimpy said...

Bummer about the disc. I've heard Blue Ray isn't worth the extra cost. Hope you finally got to see the movie; it's good. Also hope you feel better soon.

Carlos said...

@Gator: Lamely. Predictably

@Joker: I hope it includes alcohol and copious amounts of sex.

@Rimpster: It's a great picture. I think it's worth it, but the combination of badly programmed discs and crappy player interfaces can ruin the whole experience.

Anonymous said...

I've heard several people bitching about this same thing. I don't buy them so I haven't had that problem.

Drop me an email and remind me about your sinus infection. I know a CURE that'll fix you up in TEN MINUTES. Crazy shit I know, but this is amazing stuff that'll cost ya all of 5 bucks for enough to last ya all year. It always works for everyone.

Love ya - One of your old sedona camping buddies.