Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where the Fuck Was Carlos?

Please accept my humble apologies for being such a slacker! Happy guessing!


Rimpy said...

I have a pretty darned good idea, but I'll withhold from guessing yet; it seems to discourage the other players ;)

Carlos said...

We'll see what we get...I think I only have three regular readers these days :-)

Joker_SATX said...

I am going to say on some coast in Canada. Vancouver maybe?

Rimpy said...

Well, it doesn't look like anyone else is going to chime in, so here's my educated guess: Seattle, WA. I am curious, however, as to just where is that broad white sand beach is in that one shot?

Carlos said...

You’re right, Rimpster!

Pic 1 – Shelley @ the beach, Ocean Shores, WA
Pic 2 – Ditto
Pic 3 – Shot from the Space Needle
Pic 4 – Pike Place Market
Pic 5 – Ditto
Pic 6 – Huge maple leaf while hiking Harstine Island
Pic 7 – Sand dollar @ Harstine Island
Pic 8 – Hiking @ Harstine Island

Rimpy said...

I lived in Seattle for awhile, so the Pike Place Market was easy to recognize. Great trip.