Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I was thinking the other day…I have a pretty small family. Here it is:

Sister in Arizona
Sister in Texas, 120 miles away
Brother in Caribbean
Cousin in Central California
Cousin in Southern California
Uncle in Central California
Cousin in South America

That’s it for blood relatives, but I also have close family friends:

Male friend (like an uncle) in Arizona
Female friend (like a cousin) in Oregon
Female friend (like an aunt) in Central California
Female friend (like an aunt) in Central California
Male friend (like a cousin) in Southern California
Male friend (like an uncle) in Southern California

Then I have a few very close friends I love very much:

Female friend in Florida
Female friend in New Jersey
Female friend in Mexico
Male friend in Corpus Christi
Male friend in Dallas
Female friend in Oregon
Male friend in North Carolina
Female friend in Southern California
Male friend here in town

Out of all those people, I communicate regularly with only a few. You’d think with email, communicating would be easier and more frequent.

What elicited this post was a box of stuff my ex-wife found and gave to me on Christmas Eve. In it were old letters and cards I’d saved over the years, going back to the early 70s. It was fun going through them.

Does anyone write anymore? I do, but I tend to do it via email because it’s easier for me to type than it is to write. When I was a kid I had to take special writing classes because I was evidently doing something wrong – it hurt to write because I pressed down with my forefinger too hard. Hand writing still sucks for me today, so I type. It may seem impersonal, but I do it for three reasons:

1. It’s much faster at 100wpm
2. It’s legible
3. It doesn’t hurt

Anyway…that was about as uninteresting a post as I’ve ever written. So sue me.

Hope you three regular readers out there had a wonderful Christmas. All is well here with me and Shelley. Our Christmas was nice, and our new year’s eve will be quiet.


Rimpy said...

My lawyers will be in touch ;) Thanks, Christmas was nice, and happy new year to you.

The_Gator said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Rimpy said...

Yeah, what the hell? ;}

Joker_SATX said...

Funny...I was thinking about putting together a similar list. I have tons of family just about everywhere...not that many of them communicate with me however....

TC said...

I write at least one letter a week. Well, notecards mostly, but still.

I used to do a lot more, but eventually, when people are too lazy to write back, you get out of the habit of sending cards.

But I have one pen pal out in Cali that I communicate with completely via letters. She has my email, but doesn't like to use it.

I kind of like it.

Carlos said...

@TC - One of my sisters and I have an interesting way of communicating. I send her emails and she responds with letters or cards. Kinda funny...but I like it :-)