Sunday, January 02, 2011


Did some early-morning running around today, then had a scare with my mom's old cat, Cleo, whom I left at my ex-wife's house (she and the kids are as in-love with her as I am) a couple of years ago. Seems Cleo (an ardent indoor kitty) got out Friday night. I went to the old neighborhood today and drove around, then stopped at the house, chatted with my son, and looked around the shrubs for my beautiful Cleo. I was heartbroken with worry when I couldn't find her. I was in a funk until about 30 minutes ago when my ex called and told me she found Cleo in the bushes - the very bushes I'd looked through. It made me very happy. Now I'm gonna go buy some kitty tags with phone numbers on them and give them to my ex for the three kitties.

Right now I'm sitting around watching football sipping rum, happy Cleo's home.

Later I'll be making some shrimp. Tomorrow, it's back to work :-(

Tuesday begins another exciting episode of Where the Fuck is Carlos, So tune in!

Here's a fun pic I took of a local news broadcast the other day. Seems the Phoenix PD is getting a little younger ;-)


Rimpy said...

The prequel to "Kindergarten Cop"? But seriously, who better to understand crimes against babies than another baby?

Pretty grim headline, though. And the juxtaposition with the images on the screen - a smirking Pedro mustache (a la Napoleon Dynamite) and what appears to be a someone being dragged from a car by the heels - turns the whole thing into a modern art piece.

Joker_SATX said...

But if the Baby is Dead, how can he be looking for the Mom? Or is it a different Baby? English, can we speak it?

Anonymous said...

So, I know that news broadcast probably isn't supposed to be funny, but it's still making me giggle!
I'm glad the kitty was found! We'd all be devastated if we lost our pups :-(
So, WTF is Carlos going? A hint please? :-P

Carlos said...

@Rimpy - I think you're onto something. I think it's a new, undercover, and relatively covert squad of babies charged with seeking injustices to babies around the world!

@Joker - Yeah...I did a double-take when I saw it. Figure someone wrote the sentence, then changed their mind and forgot to delete a word or two of text.

@MrsOdell - Clue? Not a chance ;-) I hope to post pics tonight!

TC said...

Ooh, glad Cleo's ok!

I hate it when something happens to kitties.