Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last Full Day

Today is our last full day in the beautiful, cool Northwest.  Tomorrow night we'll be back to the sweltering, oppressive heat of South Texas.

While we did do some fun stuff during our two weeks here, our time was primarily spent tending to Shelley's mom's affairs.  It was a lot of work and  could be emotionally draining at times.

Today we'll be working hard and fast to get a bunch of boxes shipped back to Texas.  Hopefully we'll get done in time so we have a little free time to pack and go out to eat without rushing around too much.


TC said...

It's a beautiful area. Sorry you didn't get to explore more.

Carlos said...

Me too :-)

I wonder why the hell my comments notifications aren't getting to me. I just stumbled by my blog and found this. Hmm....