Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I miss my little sister, because she just left after spending five days here.  I miss my big sister because I'll never see her again, and because I should've seen more of her over the last few years.

My little sister and I went to our big sister's memorial gathering this weekend.

It all makes me so sad.


Anonymous said...

You never know what you have lost until it's gone. This is a sad, hard lesson life has taught me.

Keep the faith my friend. No regrets if you concentrate the love and attention you think you should have had for your big sister, into your little sister.

I am sure that wherever your big sister is, that she looks upon you, smiles for having forgiven you and appreciates what you do from this moment forward.

Carlos said...

I was telling my brother and little sister that very thing - and that she's surely looking down on us as only she could, telling us to make sure the three of us stay in touch like brothers and sisters should.