Friday, October 20, 2006


Friday night and here I am BWI. The Warden and the kids went out to see a movie. Ordinarily I’d go, but I just didn’t feel it tonight. So my little family is out on the town without me.

And me? I am, as I indicated, blogging while intoxicated. I’ve been sitting here surfing the web, hacking at my autobiography (everyone should have them for their kids!), drinking Bacardi (Straight up, you damned sissies!), and listening to some awesome fucking music; old music to be exact. I’m listening to shit from back in the 60s and 70s. Right now there’s a little song called “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Thin Lizzy. Good tune.

I’ve been compiling a big ol’ pile of music over the past few months; not necessarily just music that I liked back in the day, but rather music that elicits memories of times an people. Music that was played on the ol’ a.m. radio (remember KRUX Nay? Y?) The genre of the music matters not; what matters is what it makes me feel and what it makes me think of. And ain’t that what music’s all about?

Now I feel guilty about not playing my guitar (acoustic) more; or the boy’s Stratocaster. I've been slacking on the harmonica too. Here’s a picture of part of my harmonica collection. No, I don’t play harmonica like the fucking Harmonicats, or Bob Dylan or Neil Young (they all stink on the harp); I play more like Paul Butterfield or Junior Wells. Not nearly as good as they are, but I’ve been playing for 32 years so I can hold my own.

Anyway. …blah blah blah.


Tomorrow we’re headed up to the thriving metropolis of Mountain City to visit our nephew and his familia. They’re in their late 20s/early 30s and have three awesomely poite/lovely kids and a great house, strategically close to Austin. They’re a vibrant, fun, silly young couple that we just love to pieces. That's them on the left with one of their kids when they were here last month.

We’ll be stopping at Cabela's in Buda on the way up, which will be WAY fun!

Saturday night I want to take all the brats to the Congress Avenue Bridge to see the bats before they migrate. If you’ve never been, and you’re anywhere near Austin, you need to go.

Neil Young is on right now. The song is “Old Man.” Reminds me of the old neighborhood…and Kelly, and the rest of the crowd in that area.


On that note, and because I’m really, really rambling, I’ll close this blog entry for tonight. I have a big smile on my face; I’m diggin’ the music I’m listening to (Joe Cocker “Feelin’ Alright”), and I’m thinking of old friends, and generally feeling like I’d like to go back in time and live some of it all over again.

Nay & Y: I’ll think of you this weekend when I’m up in Austin.

And Nay? What was the name of that bar on Sixth we drank at back in 1989? Was the name of it Apple something, or were we drinking apple something? I remember apples and sitting at a long wooden bar!

Cheers. I’ll try to take pictures.


jules said...

I love drunk blogging. Need to go by the liquor store soon.

R. said...


I'll respond later when I'm sober :) If I ever get sober. Kidding

I feel like drinking and drinking, and more fucking drinking.

You spoke of 35% taes in an earlier blog and I am getting so FUCKED with the sale of my house I'm sick over it and am going to be a homeless alcoholic. Such as life!!!

My brother brought me in his bedroom when I was a grade schooler and tried to teach me what good music was when he heard me listening to KRUX. Not that I don't feel I listened to bad music, the Bee Gee's are and were great!!!!

KRUX was never ~Y~'s music either, she had to do the same thing with James.

The music Joe had me listen to was Humble Pie, Rolling Stones and Iron Butterfly (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida). ~Y~ turned James on to Led Zeppelin.

What can I say I was and am a dork; I still love the Bee Gees.

I saw and interview with Alice Cooper once and he talked about be a closet Bee Gees fan.

Love ya babe!!!

Margaret said...

For the first time in ages we've slammed down some straight up shots all night last night. Gotta relate to the old guitar collecting dust or the Charvel in it's case untouched holding residence behind the sofa. Can't wait to see the shots! Have a grrrreaaaat time!

R. said...

Woops, I forgot to answer your question. The name of the bar on six street was Maggie Mays and we drank the apple wine, I think thats what it was. ~Y~ got me hooked on it.

Anonymous said...

all right! you need to post a little audioblog of yourself playing harmonica!

(I figured everyone is bothering me to post me playing guitar that I'd pass the harassment on. ;)

Karlos said...

Jules: I haven’t done it for a while, so it was time! It is fun!

Nay: So the Taxman is givin’ it to ya eh? That sucks my dear! I was so into the KRUX/KRIZ music back in the day. I think it was old girlfriend of mine, Debby, who got me turned in a different direction pop-music-wise when I was 14 or so. I mean, I liked CCR and a bunch of other good shit, but I like the corny KRUX/KRIZ stuff too. So I guess we’re both dorks in that sense! Listening to it now sure takes me back to fun places and times. I remember Joe always had good taste in music. Hope you’re doing groovily as ever with your pretty self.

Margie: Funny you should mention shots….I’m still feeling the effects of the rum I was drinking (straight) Saturday night! I’ll post some pics soon. The Boy took his camera (and half of the pics) to school with him today or I’d have them up!

Nay: That's it! I have a very nice memory of sitting with you, belly up to the bar, sipping that apple wine at Maggie Mae’s on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas in July of 1989. :-)

WebMiz: Good idea. I’ll do just that! I might just post a little guitar too! But you gotta do it too!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful night reminiscing about the old days. If we only knew then what we know now. I recall KRUX, James used to be a huge fan. I always teased him about it. I do LOVE the Bee Gees though.
I love the bats too. Make sure and get some cool pics if you can.
If you were at Maggie Mays you were probably drinking Merry downs cider and if your a real pro, you mixed it with a little lagger. Maggie Mays was one of my favorites.

Sudiegirl said...

uh - wasn't dancing in the moonlight a one-hit wonder by king harvest?

just askin...

i know i sound like a nitpicking nerd, man...just spreadin' the sudiegirl love.

Karlos said...

You're right...Dancing in the Moonlight was a one-hit by King Harvest (1972/3 I think), but Thin Lizzy did one too...different tune and different year. Thanks for spreadin' the love!